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Darkfall Unholy Wars
123 Apr 16, 2013 @ 6:09am
Oldtimers Guild Recruiting for DF-UW NA
Sick of logging into game and finding out that your clan has disbanded over some drama. Tired of babysitting kids ingame. Don’t have enough time to play the game to be epic anymore. Looking for people to have fun with, who do not take themselves too serious. The Oldtimers Guild may be for you

OTG is an organization of mature gamers who have bonded together to seek out two things we are passionate about... Fun and Gaming. We believe that a large part of the allure of online gaming comes, not from personal accomplishment, but from the camaraderie and social interaction found within a group of like-minded individuals.

Our roster ranges from students to graduates, mothers and fathers to even grandparents. Play styles range from very casual, to very committed, to everything in between. Some members have high playtimes and enjoy excelling in all kinds of endgame content, while others take a much slower path. All we ask is respect for these differences. There is strength in diversity that is lost when goals are put before individuals. In OTG, the individual always comes first.

We have a solid member-base of over seven thousand, spanning across all of the major MMOs out there today, with each Chapter numbering anywhere from 40 to 500 active members. We also have a large leadership core to help maintain our respectful image and fulfill the needs of our members. We believe that we can never have too many quality members.

OTG In Darkfall...

OTG is one of the original clans formed at EU launch. OTG has remained one clan of only a select few, who has managed to continually remain active throughout Darkfall. As mentioned above, we accept all play styles. There will be some among us who play what might be considered "hardcore", but there will be plenty who are very casual about their playtime, and respect will be given both ways. We have a lot of experience, and success, balancing different play styles in the past, and plan to do the same in Darkfall Unholy Wars.

OTG in Darkfall –Unholy Wars

OTG will continue to provide a stable, drama free, fun oriented home for mature players, 25 yrs old and older. In OTG we understand that real life comes first. OTG will provide the structure to allow you to progress in this game at your pace and allow you to assume the roles in game that you desire. With OTG you will not have to worry whether the next time you log on, will your clan still exist.

OTG offers a 400 slot mumble communication platform for all of its members and allies. That said, it will always be considered optional, with the possible exception of specific guild events.

Applying To OTG...

If you are 25 year old or older and interested in applying, Register with our forum and post an application here:

Be sure to read the stickied announcement at the top of that forum, and the links it contains. Note as well that we have an age requirement of twenty-five or older. Due to the nature of Darkfall (FFA PvP), we will be exercising a bit more scrutiny than usual on all new applicants. Please take the time and give us as much information as possible when filling out your application, and expect a few days for it to be processed.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to private message me (Killa shandra) , here or over at our forums.