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Darkfall Unholy Wars
Daddicus Apr 4, 2013 @ 7:20am
Imperium - Why serve when you could rule.

A Clan inspired by the Roman Republic
Why serve when you could rule in the Imperium

Praetorian Guard[]Cataphractii[]Fabian Ambushers[]Imperium Trade Company[]
Sagittarii Protectors[]Westeros Rorarii[]

To build a clan with dynamic leadership that is elected by the Senate (Officers). This leadership will change periodically and all ranks would be attainable by all players. Senators (Officers) control the clan structure and rank progression, plebeians (Members) control in-game direction and are the military and social core of the clan.

This clan draws inspiration from the ancient Roman Republic in which governing power was divided between the Senate and the Assembles. The Senate was an advisory body and the Assembles are where laws were enacted. In ancient Rome a civilian military was initially led by the Consuls. But as the Republic conquered more lands it was necessary to have the office of Imperator (Dictator). In times of desperate need the Imperator would take absolute control over the Republic. The Senate was where the Imperator was declared and given Imperium.


Officers with the rank of Senator control the structure of the clan and elect the clan leadership positions every two months. Senator rank determines rank progression. The senators declare an eligible player and bestow the rank of Imperator. Becoming a Senator requires gaining the support of eight members and having them back you by joining your “militia”. All players are eligible for the position of Imperator (Dictator) and would be the supreme military commander of the clan.

The Plebeian Assembly is where the clan direction is determined. All members of the Plebeian class are eligible to vote on matters of clan direction and elect certain vital leadership roles. For instance, “The Plebeian Tribune,” is chosen by this governing body to wield veto power in the senate on matters that directly affect the Plebeians. There are various titles that will be sub-levels to clan rank. Rank gives a players position in the clan the titles gives you responsibilities.

The Clan Leader (Droganicus) is the clan administrator and the other leadership roles are determined by a given player’s ability to gain and maintain popularity as a leader and develop military fighting skill. The Clan Leader (Droganicus) may compete for any position in the clan as an equal with the other members.


Rank Structure[]Militia System[]Code of Conduct[]
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Daddicus Apr 13, 2013 @ 7:44am 
Three days until launch
Shogun_Sol Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:21pm 
Hehe Drogan, I think i just played DOTA 2 with you :D
Daddicus Apr 16, 2013 @ 7:02pm 
Originally posted by travrm:
Hehe Drogan, I think i just played DOTA 2 with you :D
Wasn't me but hello none the less.
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