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Reef Shot
Nano Games  [developer] Nov 13, 2012 @ 2:39am
A few more details on Reef Shot
Hi, everyone! First of all - thank you for your precious feedback! As we are a young studio and Reef Shot is our first game that is to be released, some things have to be clear, though.

We all gather your comments, analyze them and discuss every day. It is a great pleasure to see your activity and all the things that you mention are taken into consideration. Unfortunately, as you can see, we didn't want to make any buzz of nothing, so we kept the game stealth until we felt it went through all the necessary crashtests and could hit the market. So all the comments here are mostly guidance for us how should we have developed the game to meet your expectations - or, at least, most of you. For that, we hope that if the game is enough well received to start thinking on its sequel, we will definitely do that.

It's not that this time was to be made a screensaver or a motion picture (though it is nice to hear that you liked the ambiance so much you could set it as a recurring on your screens thing :)). It's an adventure game, dedicated to all of you who want to discover some secrets feeling you touch some mystery. This is why we're going to give you as many interesting things as possible - the artworks for you to know how we were thinking of the game and what could be produced of that etc. We really hope that in the near future you'll hear of Reef Shot 2: Light Rain (yup, Lieberry Ghost, we've got the pun ;)) - the even more immersive thing. For now - we all look forward to hear more from you: your opinions based on the clips, screenshots and artworks we'll try to deliver you at least a couple times a week. It's the game for you - and we hope you'll enjoy playing it as we enjoyed creating it! Stay tuned - more's to come in a few hours!
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