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City Car Driving
City Car Driving Developers  [developer] Nov 9, 2012 @ 1:07am
City Car Driving Mods
I think most of you have seen videos of City Car Driving simulator on YouTube with different non-standard cars. All these cars are added into the game by third-party mod makers. You can find more information about the mods on our forum -
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Ciggy Bumma Nov 9, 2012 @ 4:47pm 
You should consider workshop support so users can create + upload they own cars!
1nSane_Ru Nov 10, 2012 @ 1:05am 
This game needed in Steam + Steam Workshop :)
GX Nov 11, 2012 @ 3:31am 
Может быть по русски чего-нибудь скажете?Игра хорошая.
City Car Driving Developers  [developer] Nov 11, 2012 @ 8:50am 
I'm sure our game will be on Steam! I think it's just a matter of time and your votes! :)
Tubers Nov 12, 2012 @ 1:07pm 
This is worthy for Steam Workshop
MIR0SH Nov 14, 2012 @ 4:19am 
Нормальная игра, чо.
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junaid Dec 27, 2012 @ 1:35pm 
will mods be on steam workshop City Car Driving Developers
junaid Dec 27, 2012 @ 1:35pm 
i mean cars etc
City Car Driving Developers  [developer] Jan 2, 2013 @ 12:58pm 
Of course we will save the possibility of modding.
Ruper Jan 4, 2013 @ 5:49am 
Игра действительно классная! В России её можно купить на
p.s. А моды можно скачать тут (
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Kirito Feb 19, 2013 @ 5:37am 
How about a cool mod? My suggestion is "CCD: 2055". It takes place in a futuristic envirroment with hover cars and maybe LightCycles !
thagho$t Feb 21, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
I like turtles.
Turtle mod please.
Salamandra Apr 26, 2013 @ 6:22am 
Originally posted by DJ Tiesto:
Может быть по русски чего-нибудь скажете?Игра хорошая.
Why sell the rug? Jun 13, 2013 @ 5:08pm 
Make it so cars can brake down ... Or need fuel :) and add a rear wiper on cars that need it :)
Daeman Sep 29, 2013 @ 12:15pm 
Some cars with these features are already added :)
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