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Infinity Wars - *Animated* Trading Card Game
Koey Nov 16, 2012 @ 4:08pm
How much are you willing to Pay?
Since the game is F2P, it is no doubt that there would be a lot of people playing and never paying a cent which is fine.

Like a lot of games out there F2P models usually have some kind of one time starter pack which you could purchase as a sign of supporting the game.

I am interested in how much people are willing to pay and what to see in it.

NOTE the following ideas are used to generate and hope Lightmare can see and cater for those when the game gets Greenlit. None of numbers or reward are true but are purely suggestions to get reader feedback.

The following packs are one time purchases like those from Gotham Imposters. Which would you most likely be interested by and for what price?

Follower $10-12:
1 x Super Booster Starter Deck
1 x Super Booster Pack
Follower Avatar

Adept $20-$30:
Follower + Adpet Avatar
2 x Super Booster Starter Deck
2 x Super Booster Pack
1-2 Bonus cards specific to Adept

Apprentice $35-$50
Follower + Adept + Apprentice Avatar
4 xSuper Booster Starter Deck
1 Set of specific Specific Rares
1-2 Bonus Cards from Adept
2-3 x Super Booster Pack.

Expected Retail Value of Items if bought in single
$10 Super Booster Starter Deck
$5 Super Booster Cards - (12-16 cards 1 guarantee rare)
(Normal Booster bought with ingame currency has 3-5 no guarantee rares)
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Koowluh Nov 17, 2012 @ 2:26am 
I for one have pledged on the kickstarter to Duke level and hope that'll keep me going for a while ingame. My spending habits depends on how much I like the game and how popular it is. What suckers me in though, are sales. My Steam list is full of games that were on sale and left a pretty good first impression. I think that could be quite the selling point here on Steam.

I would make the starter and super boosters available with ingame currency to though, but at a slightly bigger price than buying them with real life cash. Succesful games with micropayments make sure that everything is obtainable ingame and nothing is exclusive to people who chuck real money at it. A great example of this is TF2. People have their libraries full of games without even paying a cent because of this game.

I myself have thrown quite some real life cash at it, while knowing that there's people out there who did not spend a dime on it. It's convenience money for me. Since I have a job and work 36 hours in a week, I can't sit online the whole day trading items or playing the game for more goodies to make a profit. That's where real money should substitute the game; offering an easy way to access most of the game by paying real money, but keeping the game fun for people who don't want to spend money on it, but not horribly outbalancing it up to a point where the one with the deepest pockets wins (although an edge is good, there should be incentive to spend real money).

There's really a delicate balance to be made in a game in order to make it not pay to win, but making sure the cashflow is enough to keep the game running. Some games do it with hats, others do it with skins, while yet another game offers incredible ingame bonusses and just makes it addictive enough so people to stick around long enough to sink some cash in it. It's up to the developpers to strike a balance which is suitable for their game. What crowd are you aiming for? Short term players or long term die hards? Should new players be on par with experienced players almost instantly, or should they grow in it? What if that new player throws real money at it?

You mention the normal booster pack without a guarantee that a rare is in it. I don't think you can set a price on this yet until you know what chance there is on that rare (50%? 10%?). That's stuff that should be dealt with in alpha/beta first before you can consider a price, even if it's just ingame currency.

Oh my, I typed a wall of text...
WWKnight Nov 17, 2012 @ 4:45am 
Assuming I hadnt dropped half a week's pay into the kickstarter...

I would probably be looking at spending about $30 - $40 a year. Enough to get me started, and then I would doggedly pursue my goals with ingame currency. The same model is used in League of Legends, and I have gone three years only spending $30. However, I think this one would attract more money from me with new expansions bringing new factions. I would want to get in on the new stuff a lot quicker.

A starter pack that offered me a Starter deck and a couple of boosters as well as a random powerful "Build around me" rare (of the same faction of the starter deck) would be a good place for me to get started I think. Or perhaps a discount on all 4 starter packs, so I could get a taste of what each factions strengths and weaknesses were.

I completely agree with Koowluh, sales are the bane of my existance. I have a VERY low income, and for a while earlier this year, I was living week to week and often had to choose between groceries and rent. Of course, the Spring Steam sale happened, and I picked up a whole bunch of games I didnt need with money I did. BUT MAN, WHAT SAVINGS! Its completely irelivant that I still have yet to play or even install the games, I saved like $150!!

I think I would fall into that trap again if Lightmare did the same thing on occasion. There was a FB game I used to play called Age of Champions, who would very rarely and without warning have short (2 - 4 hour long) sales on thier blue crystals (which was what you would spend real money to get to buy the premium content). Whenever I happened to be online when these happened, I would dump a lot of money I needed on things I didnt.

Im noticing a trend... :P
Koey Nov 17, 2012 @ 5:44am 
Funny thing is steam packages seem to work like DLC package, you can only buy them once. Then steam will have it marked as own.

Normal Booster Packs are what you get in game. Rare cards would be cards like Skyaar or Orion.

A starter pack deck would be nice as I see myself possibly spending my first ingame currencies on getting those 4 starter decks.

A recent MMO i played, DCUO had sales at a decent pace or double twiple cash to get people really excited so I agree sales are a good deal.

Maybe a good idea regarding the Super Booster available for in game for 10 times a normal pack or more.Starter I think they are really counting on using as their source of revenue. I mean its a one time purchase so I feel like that is fine. Think starter packs are like DLC in a card game you buy them for a single boost.
J-Boy85 Nov 17, 2012 @ 12:50pm 
I probably consider myself a conservative spender. Until last month I had never supported a game on Kickstarter and now I've supported two (the other being Star Citizen btw as I've played Freelancer for 10 years now). On Steam I'll buy games as they go on Sale, or a really exciting one on release. DLC I'll get if there's a massive drop in price, like Dungeon Defenders or Magicka it also has to be pretty integral to the game. I play social games like Dragon City on FB and Blood Brothers on Android and never payed a penny as tehy just seem to ask for money to avoid waiting the obligatory amount of time for stamina to regenerate.

CCG's are a little different though. I'm a casual slow paced player I'll probably take the starter deck and the boosters from my kickstarter pledge and use it to make a decent deck, then work at being the best i possibly can at playing it. I'll pick up cards through completing duels and quests and trade them to complete my deck. Every now and then I might get a great rare card and assuming i don't want it I'll auction it off for in-game points, that way I'm getting currency quicker than waiting. Now if I believe in a company and project I'll put money in and I can see myself spending £5 every other month or so for a few boosters without losing much sleep but I want to feel my game time having progress and it may be many months before I create my ultimate deck, but by the time I have it hopefully I'll be a pretty experienced player.

I imagine a lot of people will be the same as me and revune may come in drips and drabs but if the core gameplay is spectacular and the updates coming you can bet that hundreds like me will be logging back in and putting in hundreds of hours to the game.
WWKnight Nov 17, 2012 @ 2:21pm 
Ideally, id like to contribute $40 a month. I no longer play MtG, and that was my budget to play in FNM. However, with the ability to unlock the cards on my own, I think money spent here on cards is money wasted.

That being said, alternative game modes like Drafting or Sealed deck, that require unopened boosters to play would ABSOLUTELY ensure I am pumping money into Lightmare's coffers.

It really depends on the cost of the boosters. I would be very disappointed if they made them comparable to RL tcg boosters in price. Without needing to print or distribute, they dont need to be half the cost. But again, if they are designing new cards every week (comapred to MtG which is every 3 months), they need to pay their staff. Im thinking 3 - 4 a booster is fair. Perhaps "Draft Packs" that bundle up for a tiny discount if you buy 3 at a time.
Care Bear Nov 19, 2012 @ 1:27pm 
I dropped $100 on League of Legends to buy skins and only barely made it to level 30 before I stopped playing. Paid $150 into DDO and half of that was never used because of all the free Turbine Points I earned just from playing. I own 60+ games on Steam, most of them I have played for less than an hour and about 10 of them I have never even installed.

Sadly, I own about 1500 MtG cards from 2nd to 6th edition and who knows how much money I wasted on those cards.

I was willing to pledge $45 without knowing anything about this game other than it is a digital TCG with some very passionate developers.

As long as I'm playing, I paying.
WWKnight Nov 19, 2012 @ 7:14pm 
I think we are gonna get along great Care Bear! :D Been to the forums yet?
Koowluh Nov 20, 2012 @ 12:29am 
Originally posted by Care Bear:
I dropped $100 on League of Legends to buy skins and only barely made it to level 30 before I stopped playing. Paid $150 into DDO and half of that was never used because of all the free Turbine Points I earned just from playing. I own 60+ games on Steam, most of them I have played for less than an hour and about 10 of them I have never even installed.

Sadly, I own about 1500 MtG cards from 2nd to 6th edition and who knows how much money I wasted on those cards.

I was willing to pledge $45 without knowing anything about this game other than it is a digital TCG with some very passionate developers.

As long as I'm playing, I paying.

Where have I seen you before? Oh right! In the mirror!
m0zone Dec 10, 2012 @ 7:41am 
do what magic does in magic 2013 do pack unlocks n such i prob wont buy if i have to buy tons of vitu boosters that what keeps me from magic online and on magic 2013 also do what tf2 does with loot more u play you get card unlocks also if u mentor a noob u might get a higher % n such
tersagun Dec 10, 2012 @ 8:03am 
I can pay/gift 10$ to anyone who would allow me to co-play on the Alpha client, as I cannot pay 100$ for the Alpha package :-)
Thaddeus Mar 5, 2013 @ 6:50am 
i think a single booster pack should only cost 1$... well i guess it depends on how many cards you get in a booster pack-- and obviously you will get duplicates.
Teremus  [developer] Mar 8, 2013 @ 12:34am 
Thaddeus you will receive 15 cards in a super booster pack, and 5 cards in a regular booster pack. Our prices are competitive with other DCG's, I assure you. ~JJJ
Fl4m3Ph03n1x Mar 15, 2013 @ 12:49pm 
I am willing to pay 10€ once I have 100 hours of game play. As far as f2p goes, this is my personal rule.
[K] May 2, 2013 @ 4:54pm 
I'd rather buy the game and have all the resources unlockable over time. Like: 1 booster pack per 1 hour played.
Teremus  [developer] May 7, 2013 @ 2:14pm 
Understandable Kappolo. Unfortunately what that does is it kills any possibility of an in-game economy since the cards are simply given.

With Infinity Wars, you never have to pay for cards, but you have the option. There is completely open trading between friends, and there will be an auction house. Combine these with earning Infinity Points (In-game currency), and all of the missions/quests/tournaments available to the have a self sustaining economy where you never at any point need to purchase cards. You will always have the option, but you'll never be pushed into a corner where you can't progress unless you buy cards.

Other F2P games have ruined what the model is actually capable of, let us return you to what it should be, rather than what it's been adapted into for the sake of emptying a player's wallet.
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