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FockeWulf Dec 19, 2012 @ 10:48pm
Question about modding
It only took one trailer for me to buy the alpha.

I am part of a gaming group that made a few mods for StarCraft 2, WarCraft 3 as well as 1 or 2 for MineCraft.

We are probably under the title "novice modders" or something to that effect but I would really like to take a crack at adding my own models to this game. I personally have some *extremely* novice 3dmax/photoshop skills and have made a few models for StarCraft 2.

One of the mods my group was a part of making was a mod in MineCraft where everyone could claim and take over (from other players) villages which would gradually grow into things like fortresses with futuristic guns and shipyards (spaceships) etc. Here is a video I made of a hilarious bug we ran into:

*Warning: This video has content from forbidden parts of the dictionary - aka profanity*

Anyways I'll start exploring the game (inside and out) and see if my friends like it and if you are interested in supporting modding and/or can tell me what extra objects/plugins etc I need to make models please let me know here :)

Here is my little stash of random screen shots from my StarCraft 2 modding days:

Anyways, please let me know if you guys are interested one way or another!

Thank You!
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Mod from the forums here, while I cannot confirm or deny if they will take models from the community (complicated legal issues arise since they directly profit from your work), I do know they are planning on fully supporting mods and the modding community in any way they can.

Whether they will build the concept after Gmod's easy-to-use 'paste folder here' sort of affair, or a file loader, you can bet that your skills will have a place once the game is more complete.
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