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No Heroes
lordjon001 Mar 29 @ 7:50am
please add vehicles it wanne be so nice :)
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Cool Turkey c: Mar 29 @ 7:20pm 
omfg you're a genius @lordjon001
Mikeysole Mar 31 @ 6:39pm 
lol that would be cool but they will have to make the maps bigger
lordjon001 Apr 1 @ 6:44am 
yes that's somthing they need to do, make the map bigger
[Cookie] ShadowKing Apr 9 @ 9:27am 
TANKS!!!! >:D
Merazim Apr 9 @ 9:43am 
The map is already big, they've just sealed it off into different sections...
lordjon001 Apr 11 @ 10:40am 
ye, different sections look good and tanks even beter. let's get it!!
CriticalStag May 17 @ 10:49pm 
Just buy Battlefield?
runner21 May 18 @ 9:52am 
Originally posted by lordjon001:
yes that's somthing they need to do, make the map bigger

The developer stated that the island is a smaller map ("Small-Medium" was the exact quote I believe). So I think he has bigger maps in mind. I also would like to see vehicles, but they should all be "light-weight" to fit the pace and feel of the game. Things like ATVs and motorbikes would fit well, complementing the fast pace and parkour. But tanks or helicopters would just be out of place.
Em-one Jul 26 @ 6:14pm 
he said he might but he is not focusing on that at the moment
nicolasCAPOTE Sep 12 @ 1:46pm 
elicopters and APACHES
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