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SilverKnightGG  [developer] Oct 16, 2012 @ 10:52am
Gunblitz Main Gun and Heat Mechanic
The 'science' behind the mechanic:

The heat is caused by the resistance of the magnetic fields generated within the centrifugal accelerator chamber. This chamber is lined with an array of superpowerful electromagnetic rings that alternate their polarity as a projectile passes through them to accelerate that projectile past them to the next ring and so on. What keeps the projectile from escaping this configuration is an ever increasing central magnetic force that matches the angular inertia with its own cetripetal force. This all causes a LOT of heat from resistance even in the most efficient superconductors and magnetic fields, simply because of the vast energies being used. Even inside the chamber, which vents to vacuum, the materials within and the magnetic fields radiate dangerous amounts of heat that can damage the ship at over 95% of the heat threshold. This heat can also be channeled into a second chamber where it literally phases a currently unnamed radioactive isotope into plasma and ejects it through additional vent barrels located in the prow of the ship.

disclaimer: This may not be perfect science
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