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Copenhagen S-train - Litra SA
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Jan 7 @ 1:36pm
Jan 8 @ 5:05am
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Copenhagen S-train - Litra SA

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This asset is a regular overground train. If you wish to create an S-train rail network with the Metro Overhaul Mod, then there is a metro version available here: Copenhagen S-Train - Litra SA - Metro.

The litra SA is an electric multiple unit train operated by the Danish State Railways (DSB) on the S-Tog rail network in and around the city of Copenhagen. The SA is the 4:th generation of S-trains to service on the rail network and has been in use since 1996. The trains were build between 1995 and 2005 by Alstom-LHB and Siemens.

The parts of this train shown as red in most of the screenshots are line colorable. Use a red line color to obtain the real world livery.

  • Total capacity: 336
  • Acceleration and max speed: Default values.

Vehicle effects (optional)
The train will have additional effects if you are subscribed to the Vehicle Effects mod and have it enabled. The additional effects are:
  • One additional headlight on the engine
  • Three headlights on last car
Additionally, if you also subscribe to the Extra Vehicle Effects plugin, then this train will also have the following effects:
  • Red tail lights on the last car
  • Wheel flange grinding sound on engine and passenger cars when cornering

Model info:
  • SA (car 1&8):
    Tris: 1442
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 28
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SB (car 2&7):
    Tris: 1072
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 38
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SC (car 3&6):
    Tris: 664
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 18
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SD (car 4&5):
    Tris: 790
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 18
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

Note: The Photoreal Colour Correction LUT and the Daylight Classic mod was used when taking the screenshots for this asset.
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Von Roth  [author] Jan 10 @ 10:12am 
Jens Møller: Thanks!

Swiffer: The only explanation I can think of is that you have reached the vehicle limit. You might be able to find other trains and trucks with missing trailers if that is the case.
Jens Møller Jan 10 @ 9:57am 
Swiffer Jan 9 @ 3:26pm 
how come sometimes only the locomotive/first car would be running. Thered be random trains consisting of only that one car
Von Roth  [author] Jan 8 @ 1:19pm 
Thank you! I considered not making the 4 car variant since there are fewer of those trains. I can make that variant too, but some of the wagons on the 4 car variant seems to be different from the wagons I have made, and I think I will need to make one new model and some new textures.
[CF - Driver] MikaL [DK] Jan 8 @ 11:39am 
AMAZING! Could you also make a four wagon version of the train? :-) DSB is operating with 4 and 8 wagon trainsets. :-)
Von Roth  [author] Jan 8 @ 7:10am 
[OGT]CUADRADITOS Jan 8 @ 4:42am 
Yeah! Make that a metro for MOM, this is awesome job! I will wait for that, your trains are good.
But I think for metros need more doors on each wagon, 2 or 3
Von Roth  [author] Jan 8 @ 4:10am 
anindrapratama: There are many other things I want to make and prioritize higher, so I most likely won't make the second generation of S-trains.

Jevangray: I think catenaries are planned for MOM, so I guess I could make an identical metro version of this train as well.
Jevangray Jan 7 @ 11:01pm 
Could you make this a metro train?
anindrapratama Jan 7 @ 8:22pm 
How about make a second generation S-Tog train ?
If you reject it's okay