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Fight or Flight
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Jan 7 @ 12:16pm
Jan 21 @ 8:48am
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Fight or Flight


Fight or Flight is a fast-paced, objective-oriented A-RTS featuring CTP & CTF mechanics as well as various objectives on the map.
Use map fof to play. Map fofobs is for games with spectators.

Send a mail at if you have any feedback.
Join the official Discord Fight or Flight Hub.[]


Lead Developer: Jicyphex
Lead Programmer: Nullscope
Lead Artist: GK
Models: Amadeus Mozart, RockIt
Level Design: Jicyphex
Particles: testinglol, Jicyphex
Music: Kilty
Animations: Jicyphex
Loading Screen: LavisCannon
Sounds: Jicyphex
English Announcer: Jeremy Seal
Additional Art: ChiZ, down_limit, Misao, RoboCG, vertical.
Russian translation: finargot, Jicyphex, GK.
QA: BigPadaa, Vulturas, Neutral Creeps.
Special thanks to: Noxville, Skaper, Invalid Nick, Arkalos, Water, essentialblend, Buch and everyone who supported Fight or Flight.
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Jan 12 @ 5:10pm
Orb grabbing strategies?
< >
Cougar Jan 27 @ 3:04pm 
!Amazing mod Jicyphex!
Jim Moriarty Jan 15 @ 3:45am 
Zerim Jan 14 @ 7:34am 
dead game~
『 空白 』 Jan 12 @ 1:20pm 
game is far too slow and rewards heroes with high mobility too much.
TomyVerceti Jan 12 @ 11:04am 
amazing mod so sad i never will see a match with 24 players but must be really fun

about some sugestions remove the points from altar or per killing (or both) because match will end really fast and make people with orb have walkspeed slow
BearlyCivil Jan 11 @ 9:22pm 
I remember when this map was on the early stage of its development when Arcade Dota 2 doesn't exist, since I was wondering where did I hear the name of the game lol.

My only criticism of this game is that the map felt too big but empty, might want to compress/shrunk it a little bit or add more things and change the pathing.
Glodar Jan 11 @ 8:13am 
First impression/feedback:

- map, objects and custom stuff desing is very pretty
- it is well optimised
- For now, I played 2 games, first feeling is that map is little too big or maybe routes towards outposts are very long, because of this it feels little low on action, everyone is always running late and takes a lot time to go around when you want to get into some outpost, it feels like it could be more fast paced with some changes in outposts routes.
Again this is just my first impression, I played only 2 games and that is very little so I can't comment on custom hero balance or some other mechanic, so far it felt okay.

Anyway it very nice custom game, lot of depth, I plan to play it more, especially when it gets dedicated server, hopefully soon, I fav and upvote map.

darklord Jan 11 @ 6:19am 
Good work very pretty, still needs some polish tho. The layout of some panorama is a bit squished together, did you test these on all resolutions?
<font face="ravie">Auroth Jan 11 @ 5:10am 
quite fun in 5v5! the only problem is no ppl in sea and japan server
<font face="ravie">Auroth Jan 11 @ 4:39am 
insane quality