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Roads United: Europe
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Roads United: Europe

European style texture pack for Roads United: Core+ mod

You need to select the texture pack twice in roads united: core+ mod menu to make the textures work properly. i don't know why.... Just select the Vanilla pack an back to EU pack to make it work.

The pack contains allmost all vanilla and NExT roads in european style.

Required Mod:
Roads United: Core+

Useful Mods:
Network Extensions 2

Thanks to the creators of Roads United: Core+ and all other texture pack creators!

Feel free to rate & comment if you like :)
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Meow  [author] Jul 2 @ 3:50am 
hey guys, unfortunatly the core+ mod needs to get updated to support all the new mass transit & Next roads. i can't do anything about it until the mod gets updated :/
Mornach Jun 16 @ 1:07pm 
4 lane highway with soundbarrier is unaffected by this mod (or maybe the core+ mod).
alborzka Jun 10 @ 8:21am 
And the elevated 5/6-lane highway LODs please! Thank you @Meow :) <3
AmiPolizeiFunk Jun 10 @ 1:29am 
thx for keeping this mod alive. Looking forward to the update. Pls remember to check out the broken texture on the medium road bridges while you're at it!
Meow  [author] Jun 9 @ 8:58am 
Hey Guys,

I know a lot of textures e.g. for all new Mass Transit Roads are missing at the moment.
The Update will come eventually, but it is a lot of work to update all textures.
However the pack is still working with Update 1.7 and NExT2. I am working on the update but I can't tell when it's gonna be finished.

P.S.: When starting the game, remeber to select the pack TWICE in the Roads United Core+ Mod options.
sleepingcity Jun 5 @ 3:56am 
It works fine. Just a few missing textures but you can work around it with road color changer.
Goldman nl Jun 3 @ 9:03am 
it doens"t work
Ra02 May 30 @ 7:37am 
is this going to be updated for Mass Transit base roads? Because currently the base game offers a bit better solution for certain roads due to having the option to build with sound barriers
PaddyNZ May 29 @ 12:19am 
[eRaZe] uиĐead - The "6 lane road with tram" is your standard tram avenue that came with snowfall.
[eRaZe] uиĐead. May 28 @ 4:29am 
from which mod is the 6 lane road with the tramtracks?