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Flinders Street Station by Bad Peanut
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Flinders Street Station by Bad Peanut

A recreation of Flinders Street Station located in Melbourne, Australia as of Dec 2016. By BadPeanut.

I hope you all appreciate the difficulty of balancing triangle count and detail. I think i did alright :)

I would still recommend using multi track enabler for better selection of tracks when creating lines as the default setting isn't that flexible - cannot be fixed by assets can only be implemented by CO.
There are 9 different sub buildings, stats will come when I don't need to sleep - all buildings pass the building weight test with MeshInfo (so they are all optimised)

For some fun history and exploration of Flinders Street Station go to:

Please bare in mind this is not an EXACT replica but it is a very close recreation. there may be some terrain glitches if used unwisely around uneven terrain and a few pedestrians might dip below ground for a few seconds, you're just going to have to suspend that old belief for me ;)

I will not be taking requests for other real world stations.

I don't ask for donations but if you want to send money somewhere take a look at - an open source city simulator in early development!
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BadPeanut  [author] Feb 23 @ 4:52am 
Unfortunately it would require remodelling a third of the station to remove the quay - sorry but the asset is in it's final release (unless it needs updating for future expansions which would be not changes in the mesh)
THAT BLOKE WILL Feb 23 @ 2:40am 
@BadPeanut Look I totaly understand, this is a huge project man that takes tonnes of time+dedication and you've done a super job. I dont want to appear ungreatful (im an aussie myself) but just removing the key doesnt make it any less flinders street station. Again though, at the end of the day your the man with the skill to make superb models like these, and i can understand that it takes loads of time to make quality content like you do. Cheers!
BadPeanut  [author] Feb 16 @ 4:58am 
@THAT BLOKE WILL but then it wouldn't be Flinders Street Station. I would suggest making use of the quay with a lake or something OR just putting heaps of bushes around the terrain if you do not like the look of it.
THAT BLOKE WILL Feb 16 @ 4:05am 
is it possible to get rid of the key thats ment to be up against the water front in real life (or make another version without the key) its way to difficult to modify the terain around it to make it look nice and i would like it more if it was removed all together. Cheers!
Scientistman305 Feb 4 @ 6:34pm 
O.M.G I LURRRVVEEE IT when someone makes stuff from Australia.
Bev7787 Jan 31 @ 1:55am 
This + Xtrapolis Asset + Melbourne Tram assets = Most Australian transport combination I've found. (But... Melbourne.)
MLG Albatross Jan 30 @ 3:30pm 
is this MOM compatible?
Great Work
reillycat23 Jan 26 @ 5:35pm 
This looks almost the same as South Station in Boston, MA, USA. :D
BadPeanut  [author] Jan 25 @ 5:02pm 
@Ray then it wouldn't be flinders street station
sohome Jan 25 @ 1:10pm 
So this comes with station signs ?