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Low Residential House Pack
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Dec 26, 2016 @ 8:53am
Jun 27 @ 6:06pm
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Low Residential House Pack

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Low Residential houses by King Leno

Assets consists of 8 .cpr files

3 models, each with siding and brick textures, varying props and colors
Low Residential 100B - 1st model Brick Texture
Low Residential 100S - 1st model Siding Texture
Low Residential 200S - 2nd model Siding Texture
Low Residential 210S - 2nd model Siding/ Red Roof/different colors
Low Residential 200B - 2nd model Brick Texture
Low Residential 300S - 3rd model Siding Texture
Low Residential 310S - 3rd model Siding/Red Roof/different colors
Low Residential 300B - 3rd model Brick Texture

Each house only uses about 2-3 props, but some of the props I'm not sure exactly which props I used in some cases, so I just listed all of them. None of the props are required for these buildings to function. All are growable level 1 low density houses and do not include any RICO settings (however, they do have growable thumbnails).

Lot size - 2x3
Triangles - not even worth mentioning, but all are under 300
Texture - 512 x 256 d,n,i,s,c

See video for an overview of the houses in-game

If you like my assets, check out the process on YouTube and please consider a small donation as a token of appreciation.

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a moon upon a stick Oct 17 @ 7:44pm 
where did you get the screenshot? what game it is in
KingLeno  [author] Sep 22 @ 5:21pm 
@theqentity hey, just read my reply the to previous comment
theqentity Sep 22 @ 4:22pm 
FYI, these are growing 'as' rico now on my map ... ie I have to delete them like I delete a fire station, with the 'are you sure' box.

Not sure if that was intentional. :)
korvadam Aug 12 @ 3:13am 
thank you so much
AmnesiacGuy Aug 1 @ 3:01pm 
KingLeno  [author] Aug 1 @ 1:10pm 
@amnesiacguy no, that's an issue with RICO mod. you can go to the RICO settings menu, find the buildings, add local , uncheck the RICO settings > save. that may or may not work
AmnesiacGuy Aug 1 @ 12:58pm 
I cannot add these assets to themes with the building themes mod, only styles. Could you make it so that you could add these to themes?
scoobyduped Jul 5 @ 8:02am 
@seanlax5 - you can remove RICO settings the same way you add them with the mod. It's arguably even easier. Just create a local RICO setting, but then don't check the "enable RICO" button. That's it, you're done, the building will now behave like it would without the RICO mod, in this case, like a standard growable.
hemeac Jul 3 @ 12:40am 
@seanlax5, you can find an archived pre-change version of it here: smods [dot] ru
KingLeno  [author] Jun 29 @ 10:04am 
@4thDownSyndrome20 no, you do it the same way. Alternatively, you can just load it up in the asset editor and save a local copy. All of my assets have, and will have RICO settings, big or small.

Again.... previously, having RICO settings had no effect on if an asset grew in zones or not. If this has been changed, then I recommend that you take your concerns to the RICO mod page.