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Move It!
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Sep 18, 2016 @ 2:14pm
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Move It!

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.7.0-f3 (Mass Transit)

This mod allows you to select and move various things.

NEW IN 1.6.0
- Bulldozer! WARNING: Bulldozing is permanent, no undo
- Improved snapping! Try to bend a single segment or move a single node with snapping

NEW IN 1.5.0
- Copy! You can now make a copy of selected objects.
- Follow Terrain option! If disabled, objects will stay at the same height (when applicable).

Use the M key to toggle the tool or click the button (draggable with right click) next to the bulldoze tool.

Hold the Shift key to select multiple objects to move at once.

The following objects can be selected with Left Click:
- Buildings
- Trees
- Props (Get Prop Snapping to be able to move up/down)
- Nodes (roads, quays, etc...)

This tool doesn't provide any limitations for maximum power. Use at your own risk.

Drag with the mouse Left Click to move selected objects. Drag left and right with Right Click to rotate.

Use the Arrow Keys to move selected objects. Hold the Alt key for even finer movements and Shift key for bigger steps.

Use Page Up and Page Down to move object up and down (when possible. Get Prop Snapping to be able to move props up/down).
Use Ctrl + Left/Right to rotate (Trees don't rotate).

Includes undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) feature.

Does not use the detour technique for maximum compatibility.
Does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled/removed safely at any time.

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May 30 @ 8:32pm
Can you support other language?
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DLM Jun 24 @ 6:59am 
Is it possible to do fine moves, I'm thinking pixel per pixel? (I am trying to connect several fences to eachother) I can either move the prop with my mouse but it is not the most precise solution, I can also use the arrow keys but it then moves by increment which is even less precise.
thethirdthree Jun 23 @ 12:11pm 
What is the step height increment when raising or lowering?
ViperKing25 Jun 23 @ 1:19am 
OMG i been looking for this mod
Slava Jun 17 @ 7:53am 
When i move bridges it makes the pillers disapear
AmiPolizeiFunk Jun 15 @ 9:00am 
it works, but it desperately needs an update so that we can select underground stuff again
Splifsend Jun 15 @ 7:35am 
The Best Mod in CS by far !!
ViralDragonRider Jun 11 @ 2:08pm 
will this work with the new mass transport expansion??
flooo Jun 11 @ 4:23am 
@petra.tarkkala It is!
petra.tarkkala Jun 10 @ 12:29am 
This the one that James promoted?
Paul Jun 9 @ 7:15pm 
looking for help. for some the reason the feature which raises the props up has stopped working. Im wondering if there are any known mods which are known for doing this?