Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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2019 Collection
2019 Campaign
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2019 - Part 1
Created by DasMaddi
*You need part 2 for this to properly work.*

The future is here. And it's not looking good.

Travel through an overrun apartment complex, through San Marino's riverfront, and wind up in Xen-Corp's offices.

PART 2 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
2019 - Part 2
Created by DasMaddi
You need this VPK for 2019 to work properly.

Contains all of the custom textures used.

PART 1 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132381280...
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Alonso1581 Sep 29 @ 8:28pm 
a probar el mapa para pasarlo en experto =D :v
Cost Xav Aug 28 @ 6:27pm 
w o a h
DasMaddi  [author] Aug 10 @ 9:33am 
There are two sequels available on gamemaps.com , 2019 II: Director's Cut and 2032.
Mi$TeR RoWDiGao Aug 9 @ 8:54pm 
Will the campaing continue in a Part 2???
It would be a great idea!!
afro420samurai Jul 29 @ 10:35am 
Ass Tits!
SamJa Jul 18 @ 1:25pm 
Well, it was a good first half of a campaign, but don't expect much from it.
Carrefinho Jun 22 @ 7:22am 
Personally I couldn't say this is a good map. The idea of a futuristic and bright environment is very much fine, but execution of the idea is poor. The map as a whole lacks detail in the props and textures, as many of the scenes were extremely simple and feels inconsistent between the map itself and the props. Also from a gameplay standpoint, this is also not very well balanced: too many special infected especially witches and a lack of supplies (though not too bad)
Exe Jun 6 @ 7:53pm 
All time favorite campain of mine. Do wish it was a bit longer, the style reminds me of mirrors edge.
Attect May 30 @ 10:03am 
Paul Atreides Apr 7 @ 11:32am 
That's a masterpiece! Thanks, i super enjoyed playing!