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[輕鬆向]昇華の求生之路~Epic MOD for L4D2
Colección creada por 阿一古
精品求生之路MOD,為了在異世界中生存而奮鬥吧!! 有了這些MOD,麻麻再也不用擔心我的求生本能了 Here are some epic MOD in L4D2 that may improve your gaming experiences, choose the one you like and enjoy! *PS. 我並不擁有這些作品,只供搬運分享~ I do not own any of these items, just for sharing
Colección creada por Real丿蚊子灬
L4D2 Collection >‿◠ [#1]
Colección creada por ...
L4D2 Definitive Essential Mods
Colección creada por Markie
This collection includes everything that makes the default game definitely better, like: -Improved Textures -Improved HUD -Improved Bots -And more There's no weapon or skin modifications in this collection, since there's no HD/Improved version for all
Colección creada por Sykyb/LepNep
Inrix's Mappack [BIG]
Colección creada por Blu
This is a Collection of Maps/Campaings That I have found... A note that this is quite a big pack of maps and the download is atleast 5Gb If you intend to download the entire pack... However It has ALOT of maps... Which is something I couldnt seem to fi
Colección creada por ZZZENIXXX
===================================================RUS=====================================================Сборка модов улучшающих графику и звуковую составляющую (эффекты,текстуры,модели,анимации,звуки выстрелов, ретекстуры некоторых карт,скрипты для гг и
Call 4 Battle: Advanced Zombies
Colección creada por GAMIR_SFM
This colletion is to covert all L4D2 Normal Style to BF, CoD Style. Inlcudes weapons, sounds, menus and more.
Colección creada por DestinII
Colección creada por Assassin
此合集包含内容 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 美化 一些增强画面整体效果,贴图纹理和光影的MOD 高品质声音文件替换 UI美化 生还者的人物模型替换(我喜欢The Aftermath
Badass Realistic Mods
Colección creada por Olde
This is a collection of mods for L4D2 that adds a much more badass feel and aesthetically improved look for the game with no silly additions for humor. This collection is intended for those who want a grittier, rougher, more abrasive and realistic atmosphe
Colección creada por Neptune ♪(afk)
Left 4 Dead 2: Ultimate HD Pack
Colección creada por jonaaa20
My First HD Pack Collection, Enjoy!
Ultimate Graphics Collection
Colección creada por iGeni
A collection of graphics mods that make left 4 dead 2 look like a modern game. This collection contains graphics mods which enhance the look of every single part of the game from lighting and the HUD to weapons, equipment and survivors and infected. It als
L4D2 - Replacement Mod Collection (better Graphics, Blood etc.)
Colección creada por Jaxx|ie
Collection of (HD) replacement Graphics, Mods, Skins and improvments to the L4D2 World. Thx and honor to all Modmakers!
A collection of different mods for L4D2 - work amazingy in unison.
Colección creada por Tri. Dedine
A collection of mods that work together well.
Left 4 Dead 2 Enhancement Project
Colección creada por Promega X KAT
PROJECT STILL IN BETA Left 4 Dead 2 Enhancement Project is a Collection containing High detailed items, skins, colors, weapons, and sound mod that is aim to enhance your game play experience by adding more Realism a
PostalDudeRus Personal Collection
Colección creada por PostalDudeRus
I put addons I use here and I don't know how can you use it...but I make it public
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