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My favorite?
Collection by mackerel2k8
Good Games
Collection by [ ASH ] Arathok
Games That Deserve To Live!
Collection by Erolass
Collection by Senechal
Would like.
Matt's Collection
Collection by ForgedGhost
Just a collection of what I am interested in.
Collection by Kyle Mallory
things I like
indies that need to be seen
Collection by Stuartx4
this is a collection of indie games that are fun and i think need to be noticed
Greenlight stuff
Collection by Zensakino
name says it all
Greenlight games!
Collection by Chefkay
Mostly simulation, survival and smaller indie games for now!
Potential Great Games
Collection by CantNyanThis
Interesting games that will hit you like a truck full of candy
Top Greenlight Games.
Collection by F.G Kid
Just the games on GL that really deserve a shot at getting on steam.
ThtzWhtSheSed's Gamez
Collection by BRoKe_Ass_Retro
I'm a huge fan of old school console and indie games. I like games that bring me back to my childhood. I play a lot of Terraria and Minecraft and would love to see more games coming out that put their own spin on the open world, sandbox, crafting genre. Th
Collection by Uncle Remus
Games I Want
Collection by TheIdahoGamer
I want StarMade!
Wish to Buy
Collection by thundergekko
Games on greenlight that i wish to support with my wallet
Collection by saltam
Greenlight games
Collection by A Green Piece of Poo
Good Games
Collection by Fortegx
Dix games
Collection by Yankee
My awesome:Greeenlight Collection
Collection by Carlos
This is my greenlight collection. Hope you like it!
Gnarltoof's Recomended
Collection by [ACG] Gnarltoof
Here's some great greenlight items!
Collection by Brokensicario
Greenlight Games I Upvoted
Collection by Ktyli
Help the community pick the next games to be made available on Steam! Browse through entries in Steam Greenlight (Look under your Community Tab for Greenlight), leave feedback, and upvote games you want to see on Steam.
the good stuff
Collection by Mr.Mocheroni with extra dip
Other People's Good Ideas
Collection by Regal Rabbit
This is just my collection of Greenlight entries that I think show some promise. this is biased and doesn't nessasarilly mean the games included are good, but that they apeal to me. :3
My Little Pony Games
Collection by ℰƈℓⅈƥꜱ℮
Who doesn't want games with ponies in them?
My Little Pony
Collection by ℰƈℓⅈƥꜱ℮
Who doesn't want ponies?
It'd Be An Insult Not To Rate These Games Up!
Collection by ▼ Mang☻mang ▲
Any game here I see as f**king awesome, and to not vote it up and support it would be offensive to both the developers and the existence of the game.
P.U.G's collection of games that could be cool
Collection by - \/G - Turtle Pug's Spellcheck
My collection of games that i think look good
Projects of common interest
Collection by sayerus
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