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Current Mods
Collection by gecko.dogs
These are the mods I am using currently to make the original game better while still not changing too much.
Chroma Custom
Collection by Chroma, Fragmented Frivolosity
skyrim mods
Collection by Krit the Mudkip
Dovakin Mawds
Collection by Dat Sheep named Johnny
Credithunter´s Kollektion
Collection by Credithunter
Only made for a friend of mine!
Skyrim Modded To Hell
Collection by Fosgate
Don't recommend you download this - Just need to trouble shoot why my game won't launch and I have so many mods. It worked fine at one point...
Mod collectionMrKivian
Collection by Mr.Kivian
Many Mod for fun
A Modded Skyrim
Collection by Northern Renegade
A collection of mods that improve and add content to the game while staying lore friendly. None of these mods require you to download anything off the nexus. All you need to do is subscribe, and maybe edit the load order. They should work together, only i...
mmy way of playing
Collection by PandaBear
syrem mds
Collection by Grayscars
bla bla bla
Skyrim essentials
Collection by Baconborn
Best Mart medium pc
Collection by thehot2k
best collection for medium pc
Skyrim mods i use
Collection by (s.i.e)
Hi! These are the mods i currently use for skyrim. I left them here by request from friends. The only ones that aren't present atm are the ones you could get from paid mods. sange sword, butterly sword etc. Enjoy!
Collection by Jordan Christiansen
Skyrim Udi90
Collection by udi2000
Kranovic pack
Collection by Death the kid
Joa des üs genuußreich
My Set Mods
Collection by Mercellis
Arqi Collection
Collection by Arqi
For me!
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