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Flashdavis Collection
Collection by: Flashdavis
My Collection is going to contain everything i think is good.
Geeks With Wives
Collection by: cashew
We've seen and voted either up or down on every single item on Greenlight. These are the Geeks With Wives Greenlight picks.
Collection by: Sunyard
Sunyard's collections!
Collection by: Smithy The Blacksmith
Collection by: Peps ♫
Interesting stuff
coleção exzo
Collection by: Exzo Silva
a minha coleção para meus amigos e pra todos br-pt. Aqui vc tera uma maneira facil de achar seus jogos favoritos, num acha uma boa ideia aqui sera informado coisas minha á esta coleção vc tambem pode comentar,discutir ,etc. aqui é uma coleção de u...
paintball3D7 Greenlight Games!
Collection by: paintball3D7
Currently only one game in this collection!
t3h Greenlight Collectionz0rz
Collection by: =AC3=Lhotse5
This collection is kool because...I'm fukin kool and if you don't like anything in my collection, you're an imbecile and def0 not kool so fuk off.
Awesomely Random Games
Collection by: Twisted_sloth
Random Games i want
Local Co-op
Collection by: Nuruti
==en== Whats better than play with your friends together over internet? Correct, play with them together via local coop :) I check out a few greenlight games every week, so the list will be constantly updated (of course only if i find something worth...
Games I want on Steam
Collection by: JakenBear
Collection by: ND
A list of collections that focus on visual art.
Collection by: Michalzeszen
just doing the badge task
Vehicles&Machine Sim
Collection by: Binco
Cool games
Collection by: catcall
Cool looking new games
Collection by: RickєĦ™
hzeros greenlight
Collection by: Zeros h_z WCG2k11 Korea
Juegos a los que he jugado y recomiendo
Old Game
Collection by: Infernoαμ
Old Game
Collection nr. 02193231
Collection by: GeneralLightstar
Collection nr. 02193231
Prizmatronic Collection
Collection by: Ekskafeas
Only the best!!!
My Collection
Collection by: Revan1611
Collection by: Brad McQuaid
A collection of the best-of, must-have, and now-trending Steam Greenlight titles.
The CLAD GreenLight Collection
Collection by: CLAD MontyDyson
A collection showing the games that any members of The CLAD have played with Steam's GreenLight service. Check Them Out!
Lonewolf's Collection
Collection by: Lonewolf
Rpg i would like to play
Collection by: Candemore
Collection by: Bigguns 93
Like This
Collection by: NA`VI.Dondo
Simulation Games
Collection by: [M.H.C Apprentice]Darkxtuik
It's A Colleciton Of Cool Simulation Games.
Collection by: Risugami
The Unimate
Collection by: sein
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