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DerEider's GREENLight bunch
Collection by: DerEider
My personal assortment of GREENLight specials. No particular criteria has been applied during their selection; just enjoy.
Zork Treasure Chest
Collection by: Zorky
I am a gamer mixed with sci fi and fantasy with a dash of steampunk, I am the Zork Grand Inquisitor and this is my collection of games I want to see get made and greenlighted.
КооперативныЕ (Cooperativ) Action, Shooter
Collection by: novenkij1
Collection by: DJ_OLADKA
Мои игры
Collection by: [SFW] Labor
Games that look awesome
Collection by: Artemisangel
These are games that I think should be released on steam.
Collection by: cıяıт-вıяıт
Looks Good
Collection by: Huskey™
Collection by: ^1Blood Gho$t^7`^4`^1`
Greenlight titles
Collection by: Devilyoda
Green light items
Моя коллекция
Collection by: Rainbow[GreenDay]ButterfluMaffin
Игры выпущенные с моей помощью
Collection by: boerboer
my favorite games
So much favorite it needs a collection
Collection by: FudgeSociety
Hardcore Gamer Choice
Collection by: MadMixa81
Небольшая подборка игр от любителя компьютерных и видео развлечений с 25ти летним игровым стажем:)
The Best
Collection by: EternitysEmber
The Best of the Greenlight
Favourite Accepted Greenlight
Collection by: //FS//Matityahu
Greenlight games
Collection by: Hallowenman
Collection by: AnseL
There are a variety of sweets
BDX777's Personal Favorites :|
Collection by: BDX777
Personal Favorites
Juegos de Greenlight
Collection by: Moe
Para no olvidarme de los juegos que voté en Greenlight, quiero que los saquen ya, los compraría :c
Collection by: [2S] XD | Cubi
Games that mean alot to me.
Collection by: FuatKamis
Interesting Greenlit Games
Collection by: Edgar Allan Pwn
Interesting games that I would like to look into further.
cool games
Collection by: Soalcalibur
cool games
Captian rex
Collection by: The_Knight_of_killers
Games I Really Want To Play :D
Collection by: Rolocake
Very Simple: Only Contains Games Which I Really Want To Play! :D
Collection by: rollcoaster
Collection by: L ツ
Manteras´ Greenlight supported Games
Collection by: Manteras
Spiele, die ich per Greenlight-vote unterstützt habe. Games I supported with a Greenlight-vote.
Doppelzett's Greenlight Collection
Collection by: Doppelzett
A collection of various voteworthy Greenlight items!
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