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Mods I Use
Collection by dabbertorres
Just an easy to keep track of all hte mods that I use in Skyrim (from the Workshop)!
prnZ's Skyrim Ulitmate feeling
Collection by Castor Troy trägt Nike.AiR
Ultimate Collection for a brand new Game! All these mods brings Skyrim to an higher level of experience. All DLC's required
sword in the stone mods
Collection by Otter
heres a list of the mods in this collection * one fate mod * three Zelda mods * and the sword in the stone.
Chase's Big Collection of His Favorite Mods
Collection by Nondum
This is a collection of my favorite mods from an assortment of wonderous creators.
Warhammer 40k
Collection by [Ryan]Prodigy
warhammer 40k playthrough
Pops' Collection
Collection by Ari
Just the collection of mods I usually play with in Skyrim. Not included is the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender, which you do need for a few of these. You can get that here: All credits to Bethesda and the mods' orig...
The Rim of Sky: Mods for your adventuring pleasure.
Collection by SuperDash_Attack
This is my compilation of mods, I find them to be very imersing and not really game changeing. Most of these enhance whats around you without being graphically challegeing.
Epic Skyrim Expansions
Collection by Falro the Great
Some cool mods for Skyrim that either add cool shizz or make things cooler.
AJ LIkes the pretty flowers.
Collection by SabinX
just pretty with bug fixes
Me Likes Theses
Collection by Artalius
sqrt of yams' Personal Collection
Collection by Moist Giblets
The mods I personally find to add a lot to the game without breaking the lore or gameplay. Most mods are intended to make skyrim more realistic and difficult. You may need a higher end computer to run all mods. I also highly recommend two mods, to be a...
unlimited training
Collection by lowings
this mod allows you to train without having to level up.
Ultimate Weapons Mod Collection
Collection by williewonka555
This is a collection of mods made by various users and mod makers in the skyrim community. I give full credit to the makers of these mods, they have changed my skyrim experience forever and will change yours too. In order to thank them, I created this to ...
Baknik's User Interface Collection
Collection by Baknik
My favorite user interface (both menu and world) mods.
dragoon knight
Collection by Sangrin75
I make this collection for do a dragoon knight same final fantasy.
Collection by Full-Pint
So many mods, so hard to keep track, Collection of recommended terrain and graphical upgrades.
Collection by .0.
Abe's Skyrim Collection
Collection by AbeLincolnsGhost
These are the Skyrim (HF, DG, and Dragonborn all installed) Mods that I use personally. Simple as that. I have far more mods loaded than I have listed here, but if I haven't sufficiently used the content to judge them yet, I won't list them here. All o...
Für Marius
Collection by [DMAS] Demitrie
Das Beste für das schöne Tamriel
Nut Up or Shut Up
Collection by Ac Mael (Super-Genius!)
This is a Hardcore collection, with crafting additions to flesh out inventory items and locations.
Enhanced skyrim
Collection by Thorvald
It's just my choice of really good mods on skyrim to enhanced graphics. I have no problems on : Asus p8z77 I5-3570 MSI GTX 560 Ti OC Just 1 sec of loading between both of area... Enjoy it! ^^
Cdizzles Collection
Collection by Believe
This is a Collection for my Homie Cdizzle The Only Mods I Run on the Nexus are: Alternate Start - Live Another Life Skyrim Monster Mod & Skyrim Monster Mod Extras n Collectables MY OTHER COLLECTON LINKS If You Want The Complete Weaponry/A...
make skyrim fun
Collection by Nalichains
here there be food
Collection by Lightningboltkd
epic gigantic food
For Shaun
Collection by Lights
Wraithwain's Collection of Favorite Mods
Collection by Wraithwain
A bunch of my favorite mods, for easy reference for my friends.
to andrey
Collection by [UDC] Crazyking
A collection of wildlife - including creatures and foliage.
Atheistus's awesome Skyrim
Collection by Atheistus
This is my Setup for Skyrim. But besides the Mods in the Workshop i use a good amount of extra Addons from the nexus. For the best and graphically awesomest experience use them too. Th nexus mods are the following: Achieve That! Dark Brotherhood: Resu...
Dracorath's Skyrim Collection (01/01/13)
Collection by Dracorath
For my stream viewers.
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