The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Pognivet's Collection
Collection by: kuruptedbpolice
Over 100 compatible realistic and lore-friendly mods. Make sure you put all Bethesda files (e.g. Dragonborn.esm, HighResTexturePack01.esp) at the top of your load order. Only use the following if you have a powerful computer: ----------------------...
Collection by: Elm
This collection was really meant for my own purposes. It was to make the most out of place and non-lore-friendly mods connected. Until I get better at modding, I'll just keep the mods that can be found on the Steam workshop in this collection. Use it if y...
all speecials
Collection by: Alice
all specials, where makes the game better...!
My Collection of game-boosting fixes and stuff
Collection by: zking2112
it fixes everything from ugly characters to ugly meshes and graphics to crappy NPC interactions. (just not the armor and weaponry yet).
New Races
Collection by: [-|C.C.C|-] Royal_Chaos_Magician
Here are some new races i have found.
Collection by: Agent Smith
Better Skyrim
Collection by: [-|C.C.C|-] Royal_Chaos_Magician
For a better Skyrim.^^
Useful and fun mods
Collection by: benthe27thgamer
Sneak for me
Collection by: jpm1331
my favorit mods
Collection by: silver987
dass sind bloß meine mods and (und) frostfall
Mi mods
Collection by: makcimka90
Всё что может понравитьтся.
Halo collection
Collection by: RedSniperLight
Master Chief Armor and Gravity hammer :D NO DLC REQUIRED
Graphics Mods
Collection by: MadzPredator
Graphics Mods
Collection by: SHOOT_bobo
Hur skrym blir snyggt
Collection by: eerW uracurB
Fayt's Retouched Mods
Collection by: Fayt Cloud
the reduced version + new
Collection by: sander.elshout
Mod Skyrim
Collection by: Sniper44
Ultimate Weapons Mod Collection
Collection by: williewonka555
This is a collection of mods made by various users and mod makers in the skyrim community. I give full credit to the makers of these mods, they have changed my skyrim experience forever and will change yours too. In order to thank them, I created this to ...
Barbarian Pack
Collection by: MarurabaATX
My Barbarian Pack.... on your way through eastmarsh headed to meet your caravan bound for elyswere, you are intercepted by the empire... Go Crazy Nord GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a basic kit of mod for my barbarian dova RP
Collection by: Savage
Прекрасный повод приобрести опыт ( повысить уровень Гкроя),....Полезно Магам..Получить Armor
Hunter's vanilla crash free collection
Collection by: Sigwulf
Just a collection to myself, so if i get the idea of trying to get new mods, i have something to fall back on if the mods make my game crash.
Sendrith's Tamriel
Collection by: SwiA.Sendrith
Just my personal collection, tailored to my immersive fantasy preferences.
Skyrim Must Haves: Clothes & Armor
Collection by: ◥≣Ark【☬】Angel≣◤
Good armor from good people.
Skyrim Must Haves: Graphics & UI
Collection by: ◥≣Ark【☬】Angel≣◤
Good improvements from good people.
Skyrim +
Collection by: J0hn
This is my personal collection of mods that I put together so that I could share it with my friends. It's a collection of visual and gameplay upgrades that add to the experience without making it broken. The only thing not here is Frostfall, which I s...
[Lite&Complete] All U Need, no more. NO EXP
Collection by: The four jewnicorns
The definitive collection of mods for Skyrim, compatible and great. All categories have been examined, found and selected the best mod choice. Lite&Complete NO EXPANSIONS. YOU WILL NEED the Skyrim Script Extender [url=http://skse...
BIlly Madison
Collection by: taterthulhu
I must have Billy Madison's yell ringing throughout my ears for every pick I break. Amen.
Texture Mods
Collection by: [KNoSC] Black Wolf
Basic texture mods to enhance skyrims appeal and backdrop.
Basic Skyrim Enhancements
Collection by: Exhumet
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