The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: menary22
... Skyrim?
ibillabongs gaming collection
Collection by: ibillabong911
Graphical Enhancements
Collection by: Kruiser8
Graphical Mods for Skyrim
Husbando Shane's collection
Collection by: Xicarda
This isn't for you it's for shane.
Current selection
Collection by: Axefork
Bungalo's Reinstallin' Skyrim again!
Collection by: Bungalo
Bungalo wants to reinstall everything again! (He probably screwed up somehow!) Some more stuff - Enhanced Character Edit - Elf Overhaul
Collection by: Glorious Spacenoid
Death to xenos scum!
Collection by: Deever
Hardcore Pick up and Play
Collection by: Wentago
Good for quick play sessions. Rules: 1) You will start in a random location at level 1 with 5 perks 2) Pick a premade class/kit/birthsign 3) Change the difficulty to master (legendary won't work with the one mod). Damage is ridiculously high for b...
Collection by: Andii
Just a collection so I can share with friends
collection of cool mods
Collection by: Tyrue10
this is a collection i put together after skimming through the mods list. It is comprised of the mods i found that shouldnt alter the game to the point where you will look at things and they will die.
For You Alex
Collection by: Robtom
Just for Alex
Skyrim VU
Collection by: Black★Star @Stream
Daniel Sexton's Skyrim remix
Collection by: thekillbott
Stuff I like, things that are neat.
Collection by: aldowell
Improvements to the Skyrim
Collection by: DeltaTwoZero
Some of this mods you may find interesing or you may not. Anyway, I made it for people who wants to make Skyrim even more marvelous. These mods have some graphic changes, sounds or landscape. Maybe some of them add new items to the game, changing some que...
Sapphy's Skyrim
Collection by: Lady Saphira
Christian's skirim
Collection by: ShaggyBag
Rumsey's Skyrim
Collection by: rumsey
Minor gameplay and visual enhancements, while maintaining as close as possible to vanilla balance. !!! ATTENTION !!! This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) version 1.6.16 or newer. Get it from
Chadly's Super Skyrim (150+ mods)
Collection by: chadly2150
My personal collection of mods. The build I play with myself, so good I thought I'd share. Don't know what the hit to your system will be. I'm on a laptop: Core i7 - 2GB GeForce GT 630M and it runs good. Mostly minor graphic tweaks and class or spell enha...
Collection by: Caberton
Skyrim Stuff Misc
Collection by: Thunda child
Collection by: SHOOT_bobo
Skyrim Mod Pack (Some of the best if you ask me.)
Collection by: Faylen || Cyb
Just a random colelction of mods, nothing special
Nick's Bomb Ass Mod Collection
Collection by: TallGuyNick
Lore friendly and non game breaking mods.
Epic Game Time
Collection by: lonewolf038
Mickebob Collection
Collection by: Mickebob
Its majn
Collection by: TrendinTopic
Collection by: Zemog
optional magic
Skyrim Job Mods
Collection by: Aftercummies
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