Orcs Must Die! 2
Craft Your Own Spellbook
Modify and share your own Spellbook items like traps, trinkets, weapons, and character costumes. Create custom waves of enemies for Orcs Must Die! 2 fortresses. Read the Starter Guide for more information.
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Pazifist's Game Mechanic Mods
Collection by: Patzifist
This collection includes my game mechanic mods. It's the most fun way to improve your gameplay; just try it out, e.g. double the size of your enemies or make you go up in the sky ;) Have fun!
Overly Extreme Collection
Collection by: fredlllll
all extreme items. all together they form the "Overly Extreme MOD"
Skull Ninja ® Brand Mods!
Collection by: Nananea
Hi! I'm Nananea aka the Skull Ninja from Orcs Must Die! 2 (they made the skin for me!). This is my collection of current Orcs Must Die! 2 mods, all found in one easy place! Take it from the Skull Ninja herself, you NEED these mods! All (ok, MOST!) ...
Free Traps!
Collection by: Archangel00
A collection of 0 (free) placement cost and 0 skull upgrade traps
Yogscast Sips Mods!
Collection by: Erma
References to sips!
Jaggerroy's Modcollection
Collection by: Jaggerroy
My Mod's - HoodedSkin without DLC! - Phoenix [ Firecrossbow ] - Frostie - Frosty arrows! more are coming...
Fresh Squeezed Juicy Mods
Collection by:
Hello everyone! Here you will find all the Orcs Must Die 2 mods made by me, Juicebags! I will mainly focus on creating custom onslaughts of all varieties and game modes! However, I do get some crazy ideas every now and then, and will throw some th...
The Legendary Mod
Collection by: kreb
This is a collection of all my enhancement mods, which altogether make The Legendary Mod! This mod includes Legendary Paladins and Legendary Dwarves! Here's some info about each mod: Legendary Paladins - Better, more expensive paladins. Legendary Dwar...
Gatekeeper Architect: BLACK LABEL
Collection by: pahakokki
Radical enemy changes, all new crazy endless waves, double enemies and some cool gear to boot.
Ziltoid's Balancing Collection
Collection by: Ziltoid
All of my mods aim to create a more diverse and varied gameplay experience by modifying or improving traps in the game that I feel are underpowered or just plain boring. My intent is not to simply make the traps more powerful, but to create more viable op...
Pazifist's Equipment Mods
Collection by: Patzifist
This collection includes my equipment mods. Get ready for some awesome weapons, traps and more! My personal favorites: Noobtube and Improved Flame Bracers <3
Ultimate Weapons
Collection by: Lord_Nom_Noms
A collection of weapons made by myself to make the game much easier by making the weapons much better. These mods are made for fun and I hope you enjoy them.
Ice Ice Ice!
Collection by: Phantom Gui
My collection of Ice-themed mods!
Basshunters TreasureBox
Collection by: KillTech
A collection of all my seperate mods and my MinionGod and coinforge mod wich includes every mod i make
Gnorrk's Orcs Must Die 2 Mods
Collection by: Gnorrk
My first Mods :) enjoy it... 1. The Black&White Paladin (Files Changed 4x DDS,...) 2. The Black&White Archer (Files Changed 4x DDS,...) 3. The Black&White Dwarf (Files Changed 4x DDS,...) 4. Gnorrk's OMD2 Graphical Improvement Part 1 (Files Ch...
Моды для кошерной жизни
Collection by: Gl.* Баклажанка
Niggamon's Sorceress Outfits
Collection by: RRRM- Niggarto el Negro
A bunch of outfits made for the Sorceress, I created this to make it easy to subscribe them all. In case you thank me for that, you're welcome. Enjoy!
Skull Ninja Approved!
Collection by: Scarymonsterss
Skull Ninja's Mods all in 1 place!
Collection by: rangers_freak
Collection by: Milton the Candan
Sullivan family test collection.
meus addons de orcs
Collection by: Gb (Alado)
Abonnement amis
Collection by: Maxoumi
Collection by: InfectReality
Very difficult shit n shit
OMD!2 add-ons
Collection by: popecheeto
upgrades for orcs must die! 2
Vinny and Rochelle
Collection by: Garninc580
This is merely so my friend and I can play together.
Mah Addons 2
Collection by: Hunter363
so me and my friends can play together
Collection by: RDC
This collection is all about balanced super equipment to bring out more Boom for the bang,like making a missle launcher have a huge AOE effect or spikes that instantly deploy, or maybe something to make the stats of an enemy in one side weaker and stronge...
orcs must die awesomeness
Collection by: BarrenArsonist82
pure awesomeness
Collection by: Eliminator
Collection by: Snoof Frog
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