Killing Floor
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ShankShock Pack
Collection by: Leo
Mutators and maps for the ShankShock killing floor server.
a collection of mods & maps i use on my server for ease of downloading
Collection by: [KSGC]Esanator
Killing floor???
Collection by: Paddy
Map 2014
Collection by: Grimfon
My Mods
Collection by: Harbinger
All of the stuff i need
Collection by: JustL1Te
The Best KF Maps (collected by K1r0ck)
Collection by: ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­K1r0cK
Visivcous' Collection
Collection by: Visivicous
This is a collection that I and my friends use. I decided to post the collection to steam to make it easier for my friends to stay up to date. To add the weapons, I followed the guide posted here:
Shekelfloor: Kurumi's anime pack
Collection by: Kurumi
I made this collection for a server with some friends.
killing floor
Collection by: IKKI
Killing floor Good addons that wont F your game over
Collection by: Suvivior
godd maps and mods that donot need youto type shits
Killing Floor
Collection by: troy1118
KF Weapons
Collection by: Toast
for friends, gotta go fast
Collection by: karrigan
М-249 — ручной пулемёт M249 FN Minimi M-249 — a manual machine gun of M249 FN Minimi
Teds Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: Téd
A collection I made for fast downloading of addons
Joystick Jostler's Friday Night Fight pack
Collection by: Basedgod
A simple pack for the JJ KF community
Collection by: Hug me. Sasang Fan
i wanna this addon
Killing Floor Creation Favs.
Collection by: Fragsert
A list of mods for Killing Floor by the community hosted on the workshop page (duh)
Collection by: Уруру, няня.
skins for kf
KF Collect
Collection by: Horscow, Czechoslovakia KF mods
Collection by: Scoot (fragmer)
Mods installed on's KF server. The purpose of this collection is to install mods via Steam CLI client.
Mis colec
Collection by: Sandra-IR :)
los mas destacado
Deez Nuts
Collection by: LIL' JON
Collection by: indrix1942
Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: GFtoocool
All Workshop Weapons
Collection by: xTheWarlord
All Killing Floor weapons on the Workshop, that show how to be added using ServerPerks You'll need ServerPerks: After installing, open ServerPerks.ini and put this code under the last Trade...
For my server
Collection by: Mobiletwo
Stuff for my server
Map Collection
Collection by: Grimfon
Fucking assholes dont know how to look up shit
Collection by: Snowman
Yuvens Superhappy Fun-Time
Collection by: Yuven
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