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a collection of mods & maps i use on my server for ease of downloading
Collection by: [KSGC]Esanator
Collection by: JustL1Te
Visivcous' Collection
Collection by: Visivicous
This is a collection that I and my friends use. I decided to post the collection to steam to make it easier for my friends to stay up to date. To add the weapons, I followed the guide posted here:
The Best KF Maps (collected by K1r0ck)
Collection by: K1R0CK
My Server Collection
Collection by: KinkyIsland
Mods which are used on my Server.
Evon's Super Swagga Yolo friends pack: Swedish Edtion.
Collection by: Spooktacular
Oh Tyrone
Ragnarok gaming Kill Floor
Collection by: Cidvond
This is for Ragnarok gaming Kill Floor server.
Shekelfloor: Kurumi's anime pack
Collection by: Sera
I made this collection for a server with some friends.
My Mods
Collection by: Harbinger
All of the stuff i need
Misc of plenty
Collection by: [MPW] gty14
Just random stuff like server files, Gamemodes and Skins for your peeps :
J1gS4w's Mutators
Collection by: GMK|J1gS4w
All Mutators that are made by myself and whitelisted or submitted for the whitelist
Collection by: ★Menya -VIII-
Mapas to Flama
Collection by: WazaMonster
To guapo!
3TechGaming Killing Floor Maps
Collection by: T_Walters51
3TechGaming's Favorite Maps
Map Pack
Collection by: DaveQuito
Abattoir Maps
Collection by: cmicroc
Some of the custom maps in use on the Abattoir Servers that have a compatible version available from the steam workshop. Feel free to subscribe to some or all of these so you dont have to wait for the dowloads from the server, and so they dont expire f...
The Wonderful Collection Of KF
Collection by: VOT
Collection by: MarurabaATX
Classic Killing Floor collection, filled with all that 2006 goodness....
Killing Floor Aliens maps and mods
Collection by: Sgt. Morte☣☢☠
Awesome Mods Must Try it :)
Gtamike's KF Collection
Collection by: gtamike_TSGK
Gtamike's KF Collection
Custom server maps
Collection by: Red Equine
Collection of KF maps to download for zed-killing funtimes.
Killing Dick
Collection by: Konno Yuuki
Killing Floor
Collection by: troy1118
My server addons
Collection by: Cameron
The Big Boss's Custom Server Mods
Collection by: Big Boss
This collection is simply the set of modifications for Killing Floor that me and my group personally use for local use. If you've got some friends, Hamachi, and a little bit of time, then I highly reccomend using this set of modifications and maps. ...
SlashedSerer Map pack
Collection by: SlashedSmile
Collection by: RTMelissa
Texture packs that's it
KF Weapons
Collection by: t0ast1337
for friends, gotta go fast
Collection by: karrigan
М-249 — ручной пулемёт M249 FN Minimi M-249 — a manual machine gun of M249 FN Minimi
Killing Floor Creation Favs.
Collection by: - VG - Fragsert
A list of mods for Killing Floor by the community hosted on the workshop page (duh)
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