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To celebrate the launch of Workshop support for Race the Sun, Developer Flippfly is kicking off a level building contest. Between now and March 24th, create your own custom levels with the built-in World Creator, and post to the Workshop for a chance to win great prizes. You can read the full details of the contest, including prizes and rules, over on the Flippfly website.

There is a set of great Steam guides to help you get started using the editor. But don't worry, creating levels for Race the Sun is simple and easy regardless of your previous skill level and modding experience.

If you haven't picked up the game yet, this is a great opportunity. Save 50% when you get Race the Sun on Steam before March 17th.

With the RPG Maker Workshop, you can easily make and share entire games for others to try out and provide feedback on. Plus, you can share custom music and graphics for other game creators to utilize in their games.

To celebrate the RPG Maker Steam Workshop Launch, the software is this week's Mid Week Madness sale! Save 75% off RPG Maker VX Ace and our DLC Packs when you buy before February 28th.

RPG Maker developers have also worked with some of their favourite community artists and contributors to have some excellent content available in the Workshop from the very beginning: there will be plenty of games to explore, as well as some music and graphics for use in your own projects.

With Steam Workshop integration, sharing your RPG Maker creations and getting feedback has never been easier. Do you have some sprites you have made? Or a song or two? Or maybe, unlike most of us, you've actually finished a game! Share it with us on the Steam Workshop! Reach an audience larger than ever before!

And as an added bonus, all through the first week, the RPG Maker team will be doing drawings for prizes: all you have to do to enter is have something posted in the Workshop! Check out their community announcement for more details.

Point and click puzzler, Tetrobot and Co. has released an in-game editor with Steam Workshop integration, allowing players to easily build, share and play custom levels.

In this game, the player solves puzzles based on blocks reactions. Each blocks of the same matter will stick together while other blocks interactions and reactions will allow you to take the best from every situations.

A group of beta testers have already crafted 77 levels, available immediately in the Tetrobot Workshop.

Or, if you wish to create your own custom levels, the developers have posted a few official Steam Guides to help get started.

To celebrate all of this, Tetrobot and Co is available all this week at a savings of 60% OFF!

Currently in Early Access, SpeedRunners has been busy adding new characters, maps, weapons, and achievements. Plus, an all-new level editor and Workshop integration for making and sharing your own levels in SpeedRunners.

SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks, power-ups, and interactive environments. Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets, grapple onto people to knock them off screen.

There are already over 50 maps available in the Workshop for you to try out. Or create your own.

Wrack is an arcade-style, cel-shaded, first-person shooter that’s all about action, great gameplay, and most importantly, fun! It’s inspired by many games that have a rich tradition of modding – keeping the games fresh and fun for years to come! In that regard, Wrack seeks to be no different.

Today, Wrack takes its modding to the next level by adding full Steam Workshop support! With Steam Workshop, players can browse, subscribe to, and play content made from anyone in the community.

Use the included level editor, WrackEd, to not only create your own levels, but submit them (along with your own mods!) to the Steam Workshop. For more on modding, check out the wiki.

If you haven’t picked up Wrack yet, now is a great time since it’s 25% off until February 25th!