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Mac, Linux and widescreen support added
25. marts 2013 - 10tons

We're adding a few things to Crimsonland's Greenlight campaign.

We have overhauled the game code to run on our current platform, and we can now commit to supporting higher resolutions (at least to 1280x720), Mac OS X and Linux (at least Ubuntu, probably some others too).

We can also rework some of the graphics, but we're not promising a full recreation of all graphics at this time. The eyesoring ground textures would be recreated, though.

If you've got a Linux or Mac gamer friend, Crimsonland would be a pro tip for upvoting!

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evstream 1. aug 2013 kl. 6:04am 
Yes yes yes yes. I recall playing it many years ago and it was a totally addictive game, impossible to put down. Ageless adicctive gameplay.
service.nightkid 25. apr 2013 kl. 5:47pm 
love the game. used to listen to the soundtrack for hours, too, great ambient music.
Baffled Flamingo 30. mar 2013 kl. 1:55am 
If only I could vote "yes" twice...
TMA-2 26. mar 2013 kl. 11:31pm 
widescreen support, hell yes! although, as long as the ground textures can be tiled to a large enough area, wouldn't it be as easy to support 1080 as 720? all game assets should appear the same size, it's just that the playing field would perhaps be larger. but then that may affect the difficulty slightly... well, either way, keep up the good work! definitely buying as soon as this is GL.
deepcut 26. mar 2013 kl. 1:54pm 
I love Crimsonland, but I wish you would have put your effort into finally making a sequel instead.
Mad Ant 26. mar 2013 kl. 10:06am 
I had no problem with ground textures. It is just how the game looks. I don't think too much tinkering with graphics would do it many favors. Crim is good because it looks that way without too much fluff.

Look at Nation Red, similar game but not sa good because: oversized player and enemies, mostly grey colors, UI elements mesh with the background, not enough viewing space etc.
Slayer Mark 25. mar 2013 kl. 9:34pm 
C'mon guys and girls Vote: Yes. This truly is an awesome game. It deserves to be on the store page.
[MM] WMan22 25. mar 2013 kl. 2:46pm 
I would buy this game a fourth time in a heartbeat if it got greenlit.
Felix :) 25. mar 2013 kl. 2:25pm 
Nice, really hope this gets greenlit.
Anorax Xarona 25. mar 2013 kl. 1:08pm 
This game needs to be greenlit so bad. My dad introduced me to this game and I've loved it since!