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Private Infiltrator - Enhanced Edition
19 febbraio 2013 - Professor Slack

Here is your chance to acquire a copy of Private Infiltrator at a discounted price, while also greatly helping its development proccess. The money that will be gathered by the IndieGoGo campaign will be used to improve and polish the game's art assets, allow us to use more advanced technologies for its making such as DX10/11 assets ,and allow it to be finally ported to Linux.

You can visit the Campaign here:

Your help is much appreciated.

17 dicembre 2012 - Professor Slack

Private Infiltrator is now featured in the Build a Greenlight Bundle by Groupees!
Make sure to check it out here:

15 dicembre 2012 - Professor Slack

We are happy to announce that Private Infiltrator is now available for purchase on the Desura platrofm.
The game is currently in alpha and is still subject to change based on your feedback, so don't hesitate to contact us with anything that could help make this game better.
Until next time, the WEC administration team is wishing you a happy espionage-filled day.

PS: Aparrently, i am also dishing out updates at every second - adding more music, fixing more bugs, and sending out more boxes to kill you!
The Desura page also has the outdated DEMO PRELUDE of the game, which can show you a lot of the basics, but in a much older version! It's Free!

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