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Hoodwink [series]
March 29, 2013 - E1 Studio

To all our friends on Steam, thank you for your support and Happy Easter!

You can find Easter egg designs of some Hoodwink characters here:

F5 QuickSave[]

March 23, 2013 - E1 Studio

This week I chose to interview Susanne Chan, one of the gameplay designers here in E1 Studio.

She is warm, friendly and a highly intelligent individual with a remarkable amount of patience. She’s the kind of person you would like to sit next to in an office.

Unfortunately, we sit at opposite corners of the studio and she has been real busy of late. This kinda got in the way of me getting to know her better.

But that’s why I love this blog.

It’s a great tool for me to connect with my colleagues here at E1 Studio.

Read the full post here: F5 Quicksave []

February 28, 2013 - E1 Studio

We received a lot of praise for Hoodwink’s soundtrack and all that credit should go to one person, Mr. Leon Willett.

Leon isn't a newbie to composing music for games; in fact he was nominated for several awards and even bagged some. His work on Dreamfall received universal praise and Mike Kendrick from The Gateway said;

"Leon Willett has done for Dreamfall what John Williams and Danny Elfman have given to Hollywood"

You can find out a lot about Leon's work through his website but I wanted to learn more about the man behind the music. So I sent him a few questions which he gladly took the time to answer.

Read the full interview here F5 Quicksave []

February 18, 2013 - E1 Studio

It’s been a while since I have written about someone from E1 Studio, so this week I will be introducing you to Johann Lim (That’s pronounce “Yohan”), a grammar Nazi and more importantly, one of our gameplay designers.

Read the post here: F5 Quicksave []

January 13, 2013 - E1 Studio

Hi Guys!
The artwork above is called the "The Evolution of Pyre".

It was created by our concept artist to show you just how the "cat people" like Detective Pyre came to be in the world of Hoodwink.

According to Hoodwink writer Christopher Kuok, the anthropomorphs were the result of the "fusing" of people and their beloved pets during the biochemical apocalypse that was a precursor event to the game's setting.

Here's the link for the high rez version: http://

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