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Open Beta Test!
March 30 - Teq

Few days ago i've started open beta test and now you can check it too!
There are some minor changes :
In a constant mode there will be 2 test servers with a capacity of 10 each. But the second, which is fast at 25% faster (movement, attack).

SKULL FEAST 0.1.1 open beta

  • Fixed a combat system
  • Fixed a UI. Now the inscriptions are more noticeable, the status line appeared.
  • Introduced 4 new runes. Now there are 5 of them: strength (magic), speed, life, rage, double damage
  • Reduced the damage from falling
  • Reduced the damage needed to cut off the hands / head
  • Damage from magic Fissue and Obstacle (spikes / stones in a line) is now applied only at the moment of impact, and not the entire lifetime of magic.
  • UI for the health of the shield and the destruction of the shield.
  • Ability to speed up the game (console command when starting the server)
  • Minor fixes

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Gameplay video!