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MIND: Path to Thalamus

There have been concerns that MIND does not contain any real gameplay, that it is going to be yet another walking simulator. But let me assure you, this is a puzzle game first, a story second and a sight-seeing tour last (although all these elements compliment each other.) The following video shows a very simple example of how the puzzle mechanics work in this game :)


Hi everybody, I am Carlos, the developer behind this project. First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

All your comments really encourage me to keep on going. Now please, let me answer some specific questions:

YES, I am planning to bring this game to Oculus Rift and also project Morpheus. Not only that. I think this game will be perfect for the occulus because the gameplay is not fast or requieres high flash skills or accuracy in your movement. I am eager to get an occulus rift and test this. The engine is Unreal Engine 3, witch has fully integrated support for Oculus so yep, it is definitely a milestone.

About the Language... When it comes out, it will be in English (voice and subtitles) and also with Spanish subtitles. As soon as posible, the game will have other languages for subtitles and also later on the plan is to also pay voice actors to translate the game into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Rusian, etc ;)


Hola a todos, soy Carlos, el desarrollador tras este proyecto. Antes de nada, quisiera darlos las GRACIAS a todos. Todos estos comentarios mantienen mis engranajes funcionando para conseguir el mejor producto posible.

Sí. Planeo adaptar el juego a Oculus Rift y también a Morpheus. No solo eso. Creo que este juego es perfecto para esos sistemas porque no es un juego que requiere grandes reflejos o movimientos muy precisos por parte del jugador. Estoy ansioso por obtener un Oculus rift y poder probar el juego en el. Además, el juego corre bajo Unreal Engine 3, Engine que tiene integrado al 100% el Oculus así que sí. Oculus es uno de los objetivos.

Sobre el idioma... Bueno, saldrá de inicio con voces en inglés y subtítulos en inglés y castellano. Tan pronto como sea posible, se añadirá la voz al castellano, presumiblemente doblada por el grande de Baxayaun!

Un Saludo a todos.

It has been 2 years waiting for this moment but finally I think it is time to try it on steam. I feel confident with the game and I know it is going to be awesome.

If you've got any question, please contact me at

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