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Copy Kitty - Turbo Edition

Copy Kitty Turbo Edition is now available for purchase[]! Thanks to all the supporters, even if it didn't make it to Steam yet. We'll keep trying!

December 25, 2013 - Entanma Project

A special holiday present for you all - this version includes all the graphic upgrades we've been working on, plus a special new modifier to get you into the holiday spirit! If the game doesn't automatically update when you boot it up, download it here[] or here[].

We're especially interested in feedback about the graphics. This update includes a graphic upgrade for the backgrounds, levels, and Boki. If there's anything in particular that still stands out as distracting or needing an upgrade, leave a comment about it, and be specific! We'll definitely listen to what you have to say, since we want this to look as nice and intuitive as possible!

December 18, 2013 - Entanma Project

A lot of people have been mentioning stuff like, "there's not enough differences in the backgrounds" or "there's no real sense of progression graphically." So we've been polishing up some stuff, adding new background types and differentiating the foregrounds more. The last two screenshots in the gallery (one and two) show some of the new graphics. The screenshots are taken with max BG brightness, but notice the changes that make things easy to see regardless! Next up is tweaking Boki's graphics so they're as polished as the rest of the models.

Post in the comments saying what you think about it, and if there's any other graphical things that need changing!

December 10, 2013 - Entanma Project

Just a tiny update, fixing a few bugs and adding some options based on the user feedback. Download it here[] or here[], or if you have a previous version it should automatically ask if you want to update when you start it up. Thanks for the support and feedback so far!

Change log:
- Additional graphic setting, "background brightness"
- New control option, letting you disable the automatic pickup of items
- Fixed a crash bug preventing some low-end computers from launching the game
- Hixant no longer crashes the game in the database (whoops)

December 9, 2013 - Entanma Project

There's been a few posts about how the game is very shiny/cluttered and it's hard to see stuff sometimes, so I added two more screenshots to the gallery - it shows the graphic setting the video was taken on (the highest one) and then compares it to a setting with much lower background brightness.

If you like the game concept but think it's too hard to see stuff, the next update gives you a few more visual options to tweak too. Lots of people have different eye sensitivities and such, so what looks perfectly fine to one person might be completely overwhelming to another. If you still have issues with it then we'll be glad to work it out with you, more people enjoying the game is always a good thing!

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