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Earthlock: Festival of Magic
April 8, 2014 - Snowcastle Games

Today we would like to talk a little about our crafting and harvesting system! (We'll get to the kittens further down in the post)

But first, there is only 3 days left of the Kickstarter Campaign

We have gone about this the organic way by allowing the player to plant various seeds that will grow into ammunition for the different characters. We wanted to give the player a base to come back to after each quest, a place to rest and prepare for the next journey.

The idea is to split up some of the character progression elements into object and plants on your home base.

Original Harvesting Concept with Cloud Berries, Goose Barnacles, etc.
We want the harvesting gameplay to be fun, engaging, and never become a tedious chore, so we have experimented with setting Gnart, the Hogbunny, to work doing the watering and tending after you’ve planted a seed. This way you won’t have to worry that the spud production grinds to a halt while you’re away. Gnart will handle it, albeit a little more slowly than if you engage directly.

The next idea is that the plants will react to other spudplants that are placed next to them. It’s what we’re describing as a rock paper scissor relationship between plants that like growing next to each other and plants that will hinder each other's growth.

We are also thinking about tying the farming to character progression, like a super slow growing spud that will actually raise a stat. This will give the player more direct control in how their characters evolve, rather than just relying on standard levelling up to raise the stats in a general way. It’s like an ability tree that you can see on your expanding farm field.

A crazy idea, a rapid prototype!
Since we have a world full of magic, we have allowed ourselves to do some crazy stuff. Last week the art team (all cat owners) talked about a cat tree (big scratch post) and Bendik did not know what it was. He took it quite literally and imagined a tree that grew fluffy kittens. Once the general laughter of the subject subsided, one thing led to another and we now have this concept that we would like to get your feedback on:

Presenting the Kitten Tree
The idea with the cat tree is that it will grow some cute fluffy kittens that can be loaded in your spudgun and fired at enemies for awesome effects! (Disclaimer: No kittens will be harmed during these attacks.)

Charm Offensive - prototype

Charm Offensive - prototype
The attack that we have been rapidly prototyping so far looks like a super powerful attack, but in the end it is only a charm spell as the cute kitten melts the heart of the enemy.

So, awesome backers - what do you think? We want to have humor in the game from time to time, but is this too much? =)

March 18, 2014 - Snowcastle Games

Our Art Director, Frits drew up this concept art for the fallen heroes who will be wandering the world of Umbra. These enemies will bear the name of the backers who pledge at the Early Art Book tier ($35) or higher. So if you ever wanted to be an enemy in a game, this is your chance!

The Fallen Hero Reward
This is a way for you to permanently leave your mark upon the world of Umbra in the Earthlock series. You will get your name associated with one of the in-game Fallen Heroes. These are special ghost-monsters, undead heroes of the past from a time before the Great Halt of the planet. You can encounter these heroes of ancient times on the Overworld, they are collectible and you will be rewarded in game for laying them all to their final rest.

March 10, 2014 - Snowcastle Games

We have passed $40.000 in just 3 days!

Thank you so much for believing in us! It really makes all the difference in the world. We are so proud to already have come so far towards the goal of this campaign.

When we reach our funding goal we will recieve $200,000

Part of the reason we have reduced the campaign goal from the last time is that we knew of this grant, though it was not official until today. We will be getting $200,000 from the Norwegian Film Institute if this Kickstarter is successful. The stakes just went up and we are even more determined to make this campaign a success!

Avatar Icons

We have made you some Avatar Icons[] that you can use on the fourms and other places.

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