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The Teku Update - Candle's main character
July 25, 2013 - TekuStudios

Today, it's time to talk more about Teku. First of all, what is he? One of our early major infuences on Candle's art design was the african voodoo paraphernalia. That's why every “human-like” character in the game is a masked doll (not voodoo ones, that was just an inspiration to us). It has to do with the story, but we will talk about that in future updates. That said, it's time to answer he most repeated question we've received during this campaign: Teku is NOT A POTATO. Or is he?

No. He's not. But let's talk about something far more interesting: his name. As you can see, both the character and our studio are named after the same word, "Teku", where does it come from? Well, it's a nice story:

When we were at the first stages of Candle's development (working at home), we decided that we didn't want to make a cube-based game, or a medieval fantasy game, or a futuristic, space-marine-filled adventure. Instead, we went for a different and more appealing art direction. We love ancient American civilizations (Mayan, Aztec...) and their art and iconography, and so we decided not to only use that influence on the art side, but on the story side. And so, all the names of the characters and animals come from Quechua or Aztec languages.

We wanted to name Candle's protagonist after something that had to be with that influence, and after some research, we found out about Xiuhtecuhtli, the ancient Aztec God of fire, day and heat. He is the personification of life after death, warmth in cold (fire) and light in darkness. A sacred fire was always kept burning in the temples of Xiuhtecuhtli. We instantly realized that this was PERFECT for the main charater, the gameplay and its background, but we couldn't name the protagonist "Xiuhtecuhtli". We wanted something more minimal according to the character's desing, and so we got the central part, "tecu", and replaced the C with a K: Teku to give it a tribal-esque feeling.

Of course, Candle is our precious baby. The amount of love and hard work we are putting into this development is invaluable, and so we named our studio after the first character we've ever created.

That's all for now. We hope that you enjoy this update. If you want us to give more insight into the development process, please feel free to comment asking so!