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Race To Mars
August 26, 2013 - Dekukarki

Despite the unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter, we did not give up! Race to Mars is still being created. In order to speed up the game development, we decided to make it available on the market right now, in its initial form. What we are publishing today is a slightly modified version of the game, which was sent to the media during the KickStarter campaign.

This is the PreAlpha version, which is still missing a few basic components - IT IS A VERY EARLY VERSION! We publish it for all our fans and supporters from the KickStarter campaign.

Right now we are working on the tools and as soon as the Alpha version is reached, which will allow a short game, we will initiate the media campaign. This should take approximately 4 weeks.

Also, right now we need your comments and support, as it has already been very valuable.

We are going to send you updates about the Race To Mars game every second week, so that you should know the current development status. Soon a Linux version should be available as well as a tool to translate Race To Mars to other languages, for what you have asked during the KickStarter campaign.

Of course, we will answer to all your questions or comments, also related to our our website.

For more information, please check our website -

Ps. We're working on Steam Early Access, but it's a hard thing ;)

Szymon Janus
ceo . intermarum

August 9, 2013 - Dekukarki

Hey everyone,

After our unfortunately unsuccessful KickStarter campaign we have been asked a lot about what we are planning for Race To Mars. We took the time first for a little rest after a very stressful, but fun campaign, and now we are ready to tell you.

First and foremost - Race To Mars is still under development, without a doubt :)

We want to prepare an Alpha version of the game which will finance further development through Alpha Funding, with a KickStarter twist.

How will this work? The minimum price for which you can buy Race To Mars alpha (+ every update we will develop, up to the final full version) will be 20$.

Apart from that, we will prepare some bonuses, known from our KickStarter campaign, which will allow you to gain more things for an additional price.

Detailed pricing follows below:

- $20 - RTM Alpha Version (Win, Mac, Linux), RTM Beta Version (Win, Mac, Linux), RTM Full Version (Win, Mac, Linux), dev forum, credits, digital instruction book

+ $10 - digital soundtrack

+ $10 - digital artbook

+ 16$ - additional copy of the game

+ $25 - see yourself as an NPC in the game (barring the Astronauts)

+ $100 - Race To Mars Collectors Edition

+ $250 - You as an Astronaut in the game/Name a thing in the game

If you would like to see something more, please let us know!

In a few days we will launch a limited time offer, allowing you to buy access to Race To Mars from the PreAlpha stage.

Follow us on and

Feel free to ask any questions! :)

Best Regards,

Szymon Janus


Ps. Every payment we have received so far through PayPal will be taken into account, unless the payer contacts us and requests a refund.

July 1, 2013 - Dekukarki

It was an amazing day for us all! By the article published today on Rock, Paper, Shotgun we've finally break through the broader public and we get 17% of the goal now. Thank you so much!! Keep supporting!

June 27, 2013 - Dekukarki

We just started our campaign on Kickstarter! Support our work in developing a game for space exploration and economy enthusiasts!

June 15, 2013 - Dekukarki

Around 26th of June we're gonna initiate the Kickstarter project. Hopefully it will help us to raise funds to make Race to Mars happen. Fingers crossed!

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