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The Novelist
15 octobre 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a short blog post I made Saturday with the latest news on the game. We're getting close!

Read it here[www.thenovelistgame.com].

24 septembre 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, sorry for the gap in blog posts; I know I've been a little quiet lately. Anyway, I just wrote a new blog entry with an update on the game. Check it out[www.thenovelistgame.com]!

9 septembre 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a link to a blog post I did this weekend about The Novelist's release date. Short version: close, but not quite as close as originally planned.

You can read the full post here[www.thenovelistgame.com].

4 septembre 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, sorry for missing a few updates here, but I'll be bringing back the weekly updates from here on out.

The most recent update is here[www.thenovelistgame.com], and a previous update with more interviews can be found here[www.thenovelistgame.com].

Thanks for your continued support, everyone. I'm getting really excited to share the game with you!

8 août 2013 - Kent

Check it out!


I'm incredibly happy to share that The Novelist has been Greenlit. I can't say how much your support has meant to me. Your positive comments and votes have been a constant source of encouragement for me as I work on the game, and I cannot thank you enough.

But I'll at least try one more time:


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