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Lords of Xulima
October 14, 2013 - Numantian Games

So, you think you can take the treasure and just walk out of the dungeon? Clearly, you haven’t played many RPGs…

In Lords of Xulima there are many types of traps:

There are permanent traps like poisonous clouds, flames that burn through cracks in the ground, pressure plates that spring blades from the floor, spider webs that slow your movements while their owners inject their venom, and many other special surprises:

Each of these must be dealt with in its own manner. Some you will be able to avoid with a careful step, others can be neutralized with spells and there will also be occasions where the only way to get the treasure you desire will be to take your chances and hope the reward is worth the damage you’ll sustain.

The traps we will talk about today are those that are hidden from sight and are only triggered once. These are traps that can be found on the dungeon floor or in the locks of chests and doors

How are they detected?

Detection works automatically. As you get close to a trap your party members will use their perception skill. Based on the complexity of the trap and the party’s ability, there will be a roll to see if you discover the trap. If you succeed, a red zone will appear on the trapped area. Every time you move another attempt will be made to locate objects like traps and hidden doors. It’s a good idea to search an area carefully!

Once detected, you can use your “Disarm Traps” ability. There are two ways to do this:


This works like the pen and paper classics where your chance of success is measured by your ability against the difficulty of the trap. If you fail, the trap will activate and damage everyone in your party.


Depending on the trap's difficulty, a certain number of gears will appear on this mini game. The gears rotate and change colors between red, green, and yellow. You have to click on the gears when they are green to succeed. If you click a yellow gear, nothing happens, but if you click when it's red, then you'll spring the trap. This may seem like a game of reflexes, but the gears change color according to fixed patterns. The higher your skill level, the simpler the patterns.

We feel we have faithfully captured the sensation of danger that comes with disarming a trap, where one wrong move or a moment of inattention can mean the end; but if you'e careful and pay attention, you not only will avoid danger, but you’ll gain treasure and experience for your efforts.

October 7, 2013 - Numantian Games

A classic moment in RPGs is when you find a locked door or chest. Each game has its own system for locks, some rely on skills and others use mini-games.

In Lord of Xulima there is a lock pick skill. It's available to the thief and explorer classes. Since Gaulen, the main character, is an explorer, you will always have the ability to develop this skill, though it may be better to have a thief so that Gaulen can develop other skills.

If you don't have the key, or you can use one of these three tactics to open a lock:


Open the lock by playing the lock pick mini-game. The difficulty depends on the level of your lock pick skill and the complexity of the lock.

To successfully pick a lock, the player must find the correct path between two sides of a grid. The size of the grid depends on the difficulty of the lock. The player always knows how many more cells they must traverse to win and can use this knowledge to deduce the correct path.

There are blocks on the board that reduce the number of choices needed to find the correct path. The higher your lock pick skill, the more blocks there will be on the board.
Choosing incorrectly causes a new block to appear and there’s a chance that a lock pick will break. A higher lock pick skill will lower the chance of the lock pick breaking. If you run out of lock picks, then you’ll have to try to find another way to open the lock.

This is the classic method, similar to a pen and paper game. The chance of success depends on the difficulty of the lock and the skill of the characters. Each time you fail to pick the lock, one of your lock picks breaks. You can try as many times as you like as long as you have lock picks

Brute force
Have you ever asked, why can’t I just break the lock? In Lords of Xulima, you can. However, it can be very difficult. The amount of time it can take to break a lock will depend on the strength of your party members and the difficulty of the lock. Time, of course, is precious since you only have a limited amount of food reserves. Losing 8 hours in a dungeon, trying to break a lock can be a very bad idea. That said, if you have a group of soldiers and barbarians with no lock picks, force may be a good way to get through

Which method do you prefer?

As one of our testers said “Every time I run into a chest, I hope it’s locked so that I can play the lock pick mini-game…”.

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October 5, 2013 - Numantian Games


In Lords of Xulima there are 18 different types of weapons, each one with more than 20 characteristics. To name a few: there are the quick weapons like the dagger, slower weapons like the crossbow, easy to use weapons like the sword and more complex weapons like the halberd. There are long weapons like the lance that allow characters to attack from the back line, and bows that can attack any location. There are two handed weapons like the battle ax or the great sword. There are very powerful weapons like the flail that can cause critical hits but can also fail frequently.

Weapon Skills

Weapons in Lords of Xulima can be grouped into 5 categories that correspond to 5 attack abilities: Swords, axes, daggers, blunt weapons, polearms and missile weapons. Improving your character's attack abilities augments the effectiveness of their weapons in the given category.

To the point: What kind of damage do they cause?

Generally in RPGs weapons simply hit the enemy and take away hit points. In Lords of Xulima there are 4 types of damage and each type of weapon causes its own combination of damage types:

  • Normal: Of course we have the normal type of damage that deducts hit points from the target with no further implications.
  • Bleeding: Sharp weapons can cause bleeding damage that will continue to hurt the enemy over a period of turns.
  • Stun: this stuns the target and leaves them unable to take any actions for a period of time; they won't be able to evade any incoming hits and will lose turns. Weapons like the mace cause this type of damage.
  • Wound: Wounds cause the target to lose attack ability and hinder their ability to dodge blows and cast spells. Piercing weapons such as arrows and spears frequently cause wounds. The effects of multiple wounds can stack and leave a fighter completely useless.

How you use these damages to improve your combat strategy is up to you. You can try to stun an enemy who is about to attack, try to wound an especially powerful enemy, or try to use bleeding damage against a target with lots of hit points. There are also special attacks that increase the different types of damage, used wisely they can make all the difference in battle.

Shall we go shopping?

The 18 different types of weapons and each comes in 16 different qualities and can have one of the 70 different types of enchantments. You're going to be spending a lot of time in the stores choosing the weapons that work best for you.

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October 2, 2013 - Numantian Games


One of the things that we loved in old-school games was when you first entered into battle with a new enemy that you had never seen before.

We miss the feelings of uncertainty and fear that such an encounter would inspire: What powers might the creature have? When was the last time I saved my game? We are hoping that we've captured those same feeling in Lords of Xulima.

"It is said that the Lords of Xulima experimented with different forms of life, following their visions and their whims"

Animals and Beasts
From the lowliest rat to the grandest of dragons; the Goddess Raznet is considered to be the Lord of Beasts, and her wild and untamed spirit is reflected in each one of her creations.

Creatures of Nature
Febret, the most beautiful of the Goddesses, is the Lady of all beings that grow from the earth. The majority of them are beautiful and peaceful, but in Xulima, many of these creatures walk and crawl, and attack travelers that attempt to enter the forests they protect.

According to legends, many of the Lords of Xulima participated in the creation of the Ogre races and that they were created just before the creation of the race of men. They are intelligent, though not as much as humans, who they surpass in strength and endurance.

Valvet is the Lord of Fire and Anger. His powerful offspring inhabit the volcanic areas of Xulima where they feed on energy and heat. As they were the first created, they are hostile to all other forms of life, seeing them as inferiors that distract them from their dark thoughts.

Living Dead
It is said that when a human dies their soul taken by the ninth Lord of Xulima, Yûl, the Guardian of Souls. However, there are times when the soul is ripped from the body before death by a higher power, and the body, without real life, remains in the world, terrorizing the living.

Some of the Lords of Xulima wanted their creations to be the most powerful, and so they projected some of their own power and essence into these creations. These creatures are immortal and so powerful that they have no rivals on Earth.

Humans are the pinnacle achievement of the Lords of Xulima, as all of the Lords were involved in their creation. Humans can be challenging enemies; their intelligence allows them to master many arts that they can use in combat. There is a reason that the Lords of Xulima have named humans as the inheritors of the World.

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October 1, 2013 - Numantian Games

Even though all of the elements of the maps in Xulima are hand drawn, there are times when we create rendered objects for the artist to use like a sketch.

This is when our talented artists works his magic... and from a rough and lifeless block of stone, carves a haunting faceless statue that appears to be so ancient as it were watching over a cursed treasure...

If you encounter one of these while exploring Xulima, save your game, because it does not bode well...

Please, visit our crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo.

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