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The Cat Lady
May 12, 2013 - markymint

Fans of the music in the game will be pleased with this new album in their music collection.

Featuring 12 tracks from the game including all the vocal tracks it's a haunting collection that makes The Cat Lady experience even more memorable.

Of course, the artists get their fair share for every copy sold. And you can support them directly - the tracks are available in digital format from the artists, along with their other works:

The CD album is available now from The Cat Lady website > CD Soundtracks or you can get it from > Extras > Music for £9.99 (plus shipping)

And keep an eye out for future promotions as we will be giving some copies of the album away throughout June.

May 4, 2013 - markymint

That is a question not even Plato could have answered, but Valve are happy for developers to disclose the details that they give us. So, why not take a look at the statistics for our campaign for yourself?

From this graphic, you will discern the status of the campaign as much as we do. It doesn't really answer anything, but there are certain example figures that give you an idea of what is necessary to achieve.

We're very grateful, we know a LOT of people have stopped by and cast a vote, visited the page and enjoyed it. We accept that it isn't happening anytime soon by the look of it, but we're still very positive about a Steam release in the future.

The game is still spreading, and we'll up our efforts to spread the word about Greenlight. We're certain that more and more people are going to come and vote here. But we understand, and hope you do too - that this isn't going to happen over night. Fans are yet to be bred :)

Hope this helps clear things up for all those who have kindly voted and remain in anticipation of a Steam release. We know the feeling! ;)

May the 4th be with you.

April 11, 2013 - markymint

The Cat Lady featured in a national UK newspaper supplement, "Radar" in The Independent.

Also hot of the press is a new review at Culture Mass!

Thank you for continuing to support us here at Steam Greenlight and elsewhere. More news soon!

April 8, 2013 - markymint

As The Cat Lady continues to reach new distributors, we look with pride at our placement in the GOG catalogue. Get a copy there and you'll get the soundtrack with it at the exclusive opening price of just $7.49.

A continued thanks to everyone who is visiting this page, leaving kind words and of course, pressing Yes!! Thanks to your help we've made it into the Top 70 on Greenlight, but there is still a way to go. Please do favorite and follow this page because it all adds up alongside your kind vote. FYI, the next selection of games for Steam will be announced on or around April 14th.

Thank you for your kind support, lets play videos, reviews and critique. More announcements soon including: A Saturday newspaper review! and - Yet another distributor! Find out more soon :)

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Mac game despite the fact some are able to play it using Crossover. We do NOT offer Mac support - sorry about that!

March 17, 2013 - markymint

Thank you to everyone who has recently upvoted the game, seen a let's play and shown support. For the first time in our campaign here, Yes votes have overtaken the No votes, popping the game to 90% on its way to the top 100. But more of those positive votes are needed :) Please, spread the word and add this game/page to your Steam favorites. We do appreciate all the kind words you have left and your support for the game! More soon...

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