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The Cat Lady
August 19, 2013 - markymint

Here's a look at the latest rankings for The Cat Lady on Steam and some tips on how you can help it reach the top 10. Thank you for all your kind words and promotion of the Steam campaign this far.

How can you help?

Please remember to "Favorite" this campaign. There's a button just below the videos on the front page with all the game information. Let's see if we can beat 3000 favorites before September! This count also helps increase our rankings.

Get creative & make a Let's Play video or similar. Feel free to make a Let's Play to share with your friends and followers, draw some fanart or create some other Cat Lady fan fiction, perhaps a story, video production or simply an inspired blog post. All we ask is that you please mention our Steam greenlight link somewhere -

Your kind efforts are not in vain. For instance, Remi is already working on a brand new game and showed us this concept screenshot. For more details and news there are links to Twitter and Facebook pages on the right hand side of the main page. Thanks again for all your hard work folks!

Mark L (Screen 7) and on behalf of Remi M (Harvester Games)

August 4, 2013 - markymint

Here's a look at how we're performing early August 2013. We've been hovering at the #39 spot (it's at 40 today) so do keep those Yes votes coming, thank you for all the comments and votes thus far!

July 11, 2013 - markymint

You can get the game for as little as $1, which includes a Desura AND GOG key. Amazing! Hurry and enjoy the pay-what-you-want sale whilst you can :)

June 7, 2013 - markymint

After some requests, we've re-released Downfall as a DRM-free copy and it comes with OGG soundtrack for the first time. Visit

For Windows PC. Originally released in 2009. Please try the free demo at the URL above, and meet one of the games more sarcastic characters...

WE HAVE a July promotion on - so get 33% off until June 30th, that makes Downfall+OST just £2.22 !! (usually £3.29, which is roughly $5)

Downfall is an earlier horror adventure game by R. Michalski, creator of The Cat Lady. Whilst it does not feature voice acting, it is still a gripping tale that has been enjoyed by many. It may even answer a few questions about your experience in the later game The Cat Lady.

Quiet Haven Hotel was supposed to be just a one night shelter for Joe and Ivy Davis. But things soon start to go wrong. Ivy's panic attacks get worse and soon she disappears. And in the morning hotel changes too. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Joe is left alone, trying to understand what is happening, trapped between reality and the nightmare.

Meanwhile: The Cat Lady recently reached #48 on Steam Greenlight but is hovering back at #49 this week. Steam are attempting to Greenlight games more frequently, though each round is a bit smaller (five or six games) so this could be good news for TCL. But please do keep your Up votes coming, thank you :)

May 22, 2013 - markymint

Hello and thank you for all the kind comments and of course your "Yes" vote! Here are a few answers to a few circling questions.

The Cat Lady Album (music from the video game) - is it available digitally?
Yes! You can now get it from our website in digital (OGG) format. It's £3.99 until the end of May! It's also already appeared on Amazon MP3 though you cannot buy the tracks individually until May 28th.

We are still waiting for it to appear on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Sony Music Unlimited, Xbox Live Zune, Rhapsody, eMusic, Rdio, Deezer, simfy, Muve Music, Nokia, VerveLife, MediaNet and Wimp. If you spot them - please let us know!

Please include a translation (Russian, German etc)
Here's how this is working. An Italian version is now available at Zodiac Store. Akella are continuing work on the Russian version.

We, Screen 7, thanks to the kind help of fans of the game and genre, have completed a French translation, with Spanish to follow and German too. This version (1.3) will be submitted to Steam if successfully greenlit. We will then be able to add the Italian and Russian to it when the rights are passed back to us after Akella and Zodiac's exclusive sale period (roughly 12 months).

This version will probably start as an exclusive for Steam. We cannot gaurantee a free update for those who already own an English/Italian only copy, but we're looking into that (the logistics of doing that are difficult, please understand).

What is the Greenlight situation?
The score has been fluctuating a bit but we're now at #53. Still yet to make it into the top 50... But THANK YOU for continuing your support for the game and the Greenlight campaign! :)

Any other news?
Screen 7 will release Downfall, R. Michalski's first game at the end of this month. It will include the OST for your listening pleasure.

The Cat Lady has been acquisitioned for movie rights. We hope to tell you more about this in the near future. It's too early to reveal anything beyond that I'm afraid, but hopefully this tidbit will excite you as much as it has us. Carrie Anne Moss, if you are reading - please keep an eye out for a casting call!

Til next time, thanks for reading!

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