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Slenderman's Shadow
Graphical Improvements
5 dicembre 2012 - marcsteene

Just released a new video showing the graphical improvements coming in Slenderman's Shadow. Check it out!

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Francha 20 dic 2012, ore 10:27 
Get the arm kind of like the minecraft arm, on the bottom left of the screen. And make it smaller. Make it so that you can only see your hand holding the flaslight.
PocketPotatoes (ultislasher1) 11 dic 2012, ore 17:39 
CAP Cadet 2dLt 11 dic 2012, ore 14:32 
Wow. Good job guys!
cryprotree 11 dic 2012, ore 10:21 
you only need laptop:)
[YgU]The Elder Grape™ 10 dic 2012, ore 22:51 
What are the system requiments?
NOVA.sage 10 dic 2012, ore 19:46 
u.u dahora gosto do slender espero ter na steam
TheHyde 9 dic 2012, ore 17:06 
If they kept the arm but didn't make it stick straight up, that would be better. Two other games (Huntsman and Haunt) feature the first-person view hands, arms, and flashlight, but they tend to do it in a less obtrusive fashion.
fessisbest 9 dic 2012, ore 9:30 
the arm is kinda fugly.
Louis van Gaal 8 dic 2012, ore 3:59 
what the fuck is that arm remove it dumasses or no thx
Navifreak 7 dic 2012, ore 19:34 
arm is really dumb