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Anomaly 1921
Grim Beginnings: A Content Warning From C.D. Jones
March 11, 2013 - Best Milkshake

Between now and the first true feature premiere of Anomaly 1921, I thought I'd take the time to release a bit of information regarding the initial concerning content the game will contain. Please take it lightly, but also as a permanent note as to what will be featured in the grim beginnings of Anomaly 1921.

The potential that the story contains is very big, if done right. And there are certain risks that I need to take in order to make it a refreshing, emotional, fulfilling experience. What happens at the very beginning, within the first few minutes of the game will reflect what kind of message the remainder of the experience will carry out. This by no means should be taken too serious, as it's only a virtual medium taking place in a fictional world. However, in order to envelop that sort of texture the game is meant to hold, it clenches dearly and essential to the world that is the game.

With that said, I won't go into much further details that could possibly spoil the game. But I will say that there will likely be two types of trailers for the premier of Anomaly 1921. One of them will be quicker paced and “light”, while the other will be more drawn out and much more “dark”. Although in the end, the game you play is the same.

This may come across as a bold, dangerous, or downright absurd process, but it's for the best. But as of right now, I'd like to issue a solid warning for those looking for a happy go lucky sunshine paradise. Even though I'm sure a lot of you already concerned yourself with the premise and story of the game have gotten the rough idea as what you may see. Setting the stage for these types of things are going to be gut wrenching, but overall deliver a better, more understandable experience.

Thanks for understanding, supporting, and being patient with Anomaly 1921, I hope to show you more soon.

- C.D. Jones