Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

19 december 2013 - Creazn

We have uploaded our initial alpha version of Dollhouse: Room 1313 which was initially shown at this year's level up! Feel free to check out our quick walkthrough!

*Note that we have overhauled alot of assets and added new ones too. There are also a couple new mechanics that are almost done and ready to go!

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SHOUBI°♫ 20 dec 2013 om 6:45 
dolls dolls dolls http://youtu.be/idDCom9fHpM
big boi 19 dec 2013 om 18:09 
Vovan 19 dec 2013 om 14:17 
Wow! Interesting ... Really want to see what comes of it