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Sub Rosa
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=II=Drago[Mx]=II= Jul 24 @ 5:45pm 
Grandioso, espero con ansias el juego :D
TUYmerik Jul 24 @ 4:55am 
Awesome game, can't wait it on steam!
Yoshiix Jul 20 @ 2:13pm 
Mr.Doge CZ Jul 17 @ 1:38am 
Tři korporční mafie, nice game!
Zeroacewar Jul 12 @ 5:39pm 
jogo bunito
Buds LightHere Jul 12 @ 6:57am 
great concept!
Ze Royal Muffin Jul 7 @ 3:06pm 
@The Major That's not even how it works.. Only time you lost money is when you buy things or die with money in the stock market feature, which you weren't using if it took you 2 hours to get 11 grand.
Wicked^Michael Jul 7 @ 2:49pm 
Amazing game!!
block shit that gets you addicted o_o
StealthySeal Jul 4 @ 7:18pm 
So fun, just google 'Subrosa CrypticSea' to find the file.

Then run the dedicated.exe file

Very fun.
DeqSec Jun 21 @ 2:43pm 
Russian community | Русское сообщество
Chichi Meem:D Jun 10 @ 4:40am 
dobrá hra!
The Major Jun 8 @ 1:06pm 
dont like this. I spent 2 hours earning a lot of money, saved up 11000, someone shot me and ran in front of my car, and i lost it all. A complete and utter waste of my evening, i do not recommend this game.
Fubberly Jun 7 @ 2:53pm 
go to the second last one with the stack of green stuff to open the game in 0.07
♥[KDG]All Star™ ♥ Jun 5 @ 2:42am 
Please help
♥[KDG]All Star™ ♥ Jun 5 @ 2:41am 
how do i start it up?
it comes in a zip file?
Kaffarov May 31 @ 11:44pm 
Can we please get a update soom :]
LoveJesusHateTheGovernment May 29 @ 10:18pm 
....also, does this game actually have classical music playing during the action, or is that just added for the purpose of the demo video? I thought the incorporation of the classical music in the above video added a lot of character and atmosphere to it.
LoveJesusHateTheGovernment May 29 @ 10:14pm 
I hope that this game is added to steam soon. It looks fantastic. I hope that there is a single player option with bots.
ljcjfazza May 27 @ 9:28pm 
plzz add this game i wanted to play it ever since i saw it
{Z3R0}K1LL3RMAN121 May 26 @ 7:02am 
I never played this game and It seems really fun and i want this to realese on steam ALREADY i want to play it! c:
dawsinn May 22 @ 3:36pm 
i love this game... ive put soo many hours in just the demo. but really cryptic... RELEASE THIS ALREADY!
Leroy May 19 @ 3:19pm 
This game is fantastic, the best fun I've had in a multiplayer in years. A seemingly simple game but there are so many scenarios that can play out. Release it on Steam now!
tylersgilman May 15 @ 7:54pm 
I played the demo for 3 hours and i would totaly buy it exept for 3 things 1.some stuff feels realy incomplete(cus it is) 2.I wish they added more modes and a better race mode(and deathmatch mode) 3. i wish there was a cop system that would bust deals.. that would make this game 700% better it would get gangs working together more instead of fighting and would result in some sick car chases
[BG]Zlaati May 8 @ 9:22am 
i play it now its very funny
Eletriko100 May 4 @ 1:00pm 
when release on steam
VG-C | Nicolai [DK] Apr 30 @ 11:42am 
is this discontinued or something? no upddates for years.
@Grieslix its allready been greenlit devs just need to publish.
Grieslix Apr 18 @ 5:21am 
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
Hatty Apr 13 @ 3:17pm 
Boxxy <3 aka no1dead Apr 9 @ 2:36pm 
@ger Pretty much and it is extremely fun to play.
ger Apr 9 @ 11:58am 
so what is this? italian gangster drug deal simulator?
Ze Royal Muffin Apr 3 @ 10:13pm 
@Max Grappling It is a usual problem and all you have to do is clsoe the game and open it back up, should be fine after that. At least, that's all I have to do.
♫TTT♫ Trade Me! Apr 2 @ 11:49pm 
its looks nice

ace5762 Apr 2 @ 4:50pm 
I love the game, but I'm not preordering until I see a damn release date. Get the thing out the door or you'll be stuck in development forever. This thing's already like 2 months overdue at this point from omega jam.
aboodyFM Mar 29 @ 10:38am 
Damn... Why not make the Alpha Pre-Order on Steam?? :((((
Goat Lucky Mar 22 @ 9:02am 
Pre-ordered this :) Among the greatest FPS / multiplayer online games ever ever ever.
Nugger Mar 22 @ 3:56am 
Realy funny game I realy loved to see this game in store!!!
Max Grappling Mar 21 @ 6:01pm 
Hi, I downloaded this game for free on your website and I have to say, very fun! But I'm playing on Mac OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion and when I open the game it's in a small, inconvenient window. I go into settings and change it too my usual dimensions but as soon as I click "apply" all text and buttons turns into white blocks as well as gameplay which turns to a blur of white squares, I don't know if this is a usual problem but does anyone know how to fix? Thanks.
Sandman Mar 15 @ 11:26am 
Hi. I want to create polish translation for this game. Contact me on Steam, or on
novosadkry[CZ] Mar 6 @ 11:56pm 
This is game is nice
RammyZs Feb 26 @ 8:10pm 
Just came here to comment after watching the multiplayer stream. All of the changes look really great, from the new text chat, to how you can run over dead bodies. You've created quite the masterpiece. I can't wait to play it myself.
harmitonkana Feb 26 @ 2:11pm 
This game is majestic. It already feels more complete than some of the early access games here on steam. No kidding. It just has that x-factor. Steam supported match making would be cool.
Joe A. Feb 24 @ 4:54am 
Version 0.14 is coming out soon! Check out my post with gameplay from the new version in the discussion section! Also, check out Cryptic Sea's twitter for a ton of screenshots.
Aussieclone Feb 21 @ 7:21am 
PLEASE update this! Mostly the racing bit.
Syd Sugoi-stain Feb 17 @ 9:59am 
The game is freakin' awesome, but when I originally found out about it, I had no idea what it was, and was almost turned off. The Greenlight page could really use some new screenshots and videos! Come on, this game deserves it!
Samcity Feb 17 @ 6:29am 
Graphics my butt. The games approach right now is fine! Botted players would be nice for those who can't find servers decent enough but overall I like the "basic-advance" in this game
[-vVv-] Mason Feb 6 @ 4:32pm 
10/10 would pay for
Cs0vi Feb 5 @ 9:51am 
There is any wiki or sg.? i have no clue what we should do lol
Some Dude Jan 30 @ 2:45pm 
great game. i think with a little more work on the graphics and maybe a campaign it will be very good
~ЖнЕц~ Jan 25 @ 11:04am 
super cool game
like game MAFIA