Bluecreek Estate
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EATEROFALLWORLDS Aug 11 @ 10:27am 
the miners aren't creatinf any ore. i went on a quest for one month and came back and it was still empty, please help.
fatspr1nkle Aug 5 @ 11:00am 
this mod looks great but sometimes it lags my game and even crashes it when i open the inventory of things outside on the property i recommend getting this house if u hav a good PC
Thankyou so much for this mod. It is unfaultable. PLus it is right next to the Asteria flying ship so two houses in one :) 10/10
LittleRage4u Aug 3 @ 4:31am 
For some reason the Estaste doest load for me, I had it before and it worked fine but now I added some simple graphic mods and all DLC. Somebody know a reason or solution? (sry for poor eng.)
davidmeijs Jul 29 @ 2:48pm 
The chest in the vault is backwards. Great mod though!
mrsmonsterhigh Jul 29 @ 9:18am 
i downloaded the mod but i cant fing the house. i looked where it should be on the map but my search was a failure
SkinnySweatyMan Jul 24 @ 11:33pm 
This has got to be the most well made house I've ever had the pleasure of exploring. Amazing job, sir! :)
Kienen0101TT Jul 24 @ 5:45pm 
Hey cookiee monturr i fixed it on my end. In my case i had two conflicting mods in that area that caused skyrims memory bank to just not load it in so when id enter that area by the bridge and then westward it would silent crash. I had a town called oakwood, but i also had oakwood hearthfire edition, so they competed and i lost. Hope that helps.
Kienen0101TT Jul 24 @ 5:18pm 
I get the same thing cookiee Monsturr, if anyone has any ideas let us know please.
[DS] Sandpit Turtle Jul 24 @ 1:06pm 
How do you aquire the key?
schausman24 Jul 24 @ 12:37pm 
when i got to the top of the hill there was a bunch of bandits and the key holder was dead and was not caring a key. how do i obtain a key
Arcani Jul 23 @ 9:45pm 
Great attention to detail! Very nice mod, many thanks for this!!
XsSTARBLADEZsX Jul 15 @ 9:18am 
great mod
EyeoftheStorm Jul 13 @ 6:32pm 
Probably the best house mod i've seen
Cookiee Monsturr Jul 12 @ 6:03pm 
Everytime I get near the bridge I get a silent crash. i can't even keep the game open long enough to fast travel or opena new save to stop it. Any ideas why?
[SUNN] Kriis_Welkeii Jul 8 @ 8:05pm 
Fantastic job! Love the thought you put into it, like the underground fire for the hot tub.
Amazing attention to detail! Thanks for making this!
Bootle Jul 8 @ 1:25pm 
i cant find the guy
UrbanLegend Jul 8 @ 10:10am 
Love this mod, really great work with the detail.
ScareCrow Jul 6 @ 2:00pm 
Never mind; I used the console to disable the mounds.
ScareCrow Jul 6 @ 11:44am 
I have an issue, on the road to the grounds and in the grounds there are two gigantic half-rendered rock mountain terrains. I can navigate past them, but it looks terrible. I tried the floating grass fix and nothing changed. Any suggestions?
oceanvista Jul 4 @ 10:15pm 
very nise
Ykari Jul 3 @ 8:47pm 
Tell me if I can grow the ingredients for alchemy? Found only beds for vegetables = (
SweetNightmare Jul 2 @ 10:39pm 
Awesome job. Thank you. love it.
DIgnified Jun 23 @ 4:35pm 
Awesome. Worked like a charm. Beauiful job on the visuals.
Tom  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:45am 
DIgnified, if for some odd reason the quest doesn´t trigger, you can just go to Falkreath´s Inn and buy the home from the dark elf there.
DIgnified Jun 22 @ 6:57pm 
I cant seem to retrigger the quest. I did the first time I went near the door. One guards body fell through the floor and I couldnt reach him. Reloaded the game and now nothitng triggers. Is there a trick to it?
Squigsquasher Jun 22 @ 9:56am 
It looks great, but for some reason the lighting seems to flicker. Any way of fixing this?
t.man2001 Jun 21 @ 11:19pm 
great home and the hot tub great job
i found some deleted navmeshes
bigeht7 Jun 9 @ 11:56am 
before I get the mod how much does the manor cost?
UrKungFuNoGood Jun 7 @ 9:39am 
A warning to anyone who is pure melee: Make sure and take a bow when you first visit the estate otherwise you're gonna be extremely aggravated. Only design flaw.
The soul collector May 12 @ 11:37pm 
thanks :)
Tom  [author] May 12 @ 12:26pm 
Buddhist_Gamer7, no it does not.

Transrender, it's beneath the main building, there's a door next to the woodmill.

fullmetalalchemist894, the bodies are removed once you buy the place.
The soul collector May 11 @ 9:24am 
how do you remove the bodys ?
homestuck luvr ~~~~~~~ May 6 @ 5:09pm 
im really dumb, but where's the goldmine?
Buddhist_Gamer7☸ May 1 @ 6:27pm 
does this home have auto sorting storage?
TwisteD Apr 30 @ 4:11am 
Tom, yes it was Helgen Reborn. Thanks
Tom  [author] Apr 30 @ 3:54am 
TwisteD, you´ve got a mod that conflicts with mine. Could be Helgen Reborn, if you´ve got that one installed (the author of that mod has created a patch that fixes the troubles between our mods, search for it on the Nexus). If it's not Helgen Reborn, try disabling any other recently installed mods, or move Bluecreek lower in the load order (in the data menu when you start up the game).

cyberspider516, this mod has nothing to do with the AI of wives or so, so you might want to ask around on the Spouses can live anywhere mod page.

fracanta98, see the description. In the end you'll have to buy the house in Falkreath's Inn.

Cave Johnson, thanks man. Cool name by the way ;)
TwisteD Apr 29 @ 10:35am 
Please help. I just fast-traveled into this awesome estate and it is like bugged. My estate is moved back and i cant get behind to dat smelter place and to room of tresures or what is it. How move it back?
cyberspider516 Apr 25 @ 3:34pm 
ok not to happy my wife has now vannished she never showed up and yes i have the mod wife can live anywhere pluss massive fram drop in the house i drop to 9 fps in some parts i get 60 fps outside. house is amazing so a shame on the bugs any help would be great please
fracanta98 Apr 20 @ 9:24am 
where can i find the key?
[TBHG] John Apr 18 @ 1:54pm 
My favorite mod of all time.
Evil Moose Apr 15 @ 4:02pm 
Very nice mod but BOSS shows that
Warning: This file contains 18 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here.
Any way you can fix this?
VortexX InFuRnO- Apr 15 @ 9:14am 
So good...
btw The Eternal Warrior, just use console commands or glitch though the wall to get the key
soulshot76 Apr 13 @ 8:58pm 
Really like this mod very nice place to relax and enjoy the veiw
Frank Horrigan Apr 13 @ 2:45pm 
The chief bandit was stuck between the bridge floor. when i killed him he obviously dropped down so i couldnt reach him to search him. Don't know if he was carying the key or something?
TwisteD Apr 13 @ 10:17am 
Hallo i really LOVE this mod. Great work but i have 1 thing. A take Gromm and Aelius on adventure and they both die. Is there way to make another sentry in estate? Thank you
RainbowFlames Apr 12 @ 2:42pm 
buzzB Apr 11 @ 3:10pm 
I have asked "Vyrannus Drothar" the dark elf in Falkreath Inn and all he offers are land or houses ???
Tom  [author] Apr 11 @ 4:17am 
buzzB and Raven, that´s odd, but you can just buy the home from the dark elf in the Falkreath inn regardless of whether or not you have dealt with the badits. Ask him what he´s got for sale.