Bluecreek Estate
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Lady MacKay Dec 25 @ 9:02am 
One of the best house mods I've found! LOVE IT! Thanks so much!!!!!
♫BladeRunner™ツ Dec 23 @ 11:01am 
Yeah the house Icon doesn't pop up so I can't find it ._. Please help
Tom  [author] Dec 18 @ 1:16pm 
rainagertie, storage and items in the house itself do not respawn. The chest in the mine is filled everyday If I remember correctly, it's been some time since I programmed that haha.

diamondsun, have you installed any new mods lately? It might be that one edits the same terrain. If so, try lowering Bluecreek in your load order in the Skyrim launcher!

JakerJones, that's strange. Does the rest of the mod work properly for you?
rainagertie Dec 17 @ 7:42pm 
how long does it take for items to respawn in the house/mine/etc? Wonderful mod
diamondsun Dec 15 @ 3:46pm 
This is a great mod! I'm having a little trouble with it though. I've been playing it a while, and suddenly all of the area behind the house is gone. The workshop and garden, the vault, the hot tub, and the waterfall pool have all been covered over with what I assume is the original unmodded ground. There are obvious breaks in the ground where I can see the modded front house stairs for example, but I can't get to them. When I climb the hill and enter the house, I can leave through the back door, but when the load is finished, I'm on a hillside that goes right up to the rafters of the back porch/work room.
I've tried eliminating the mod and reloading it, but even going back into verrrry early saves, it's still got the original unmodded ground covering everything. Any ideas that could help?
JakerJones Dec 7 @ 4:47pm 
The house icon does not appear, help!
Taskmaster Dec 3 @ 7:10am 
Mechanical Beast Nov 30 @ 1:35am 
this looks so fucking badass!
james.manhealer Nov 18 @ 6:02pm 
Ok!!! Lol thank you!! I was going crazy for a moment!
Tom  [author] Nov 18 @ 1:00am 
James.manhealer, that´s supposed to have happened. Killing the bandit chief will initiate a little quest to purchase the estate ;-)

kennethblucher, darkphinex2 and Lt.Zog, thanks for your compliments! I won't be expanding the vault though, sorry darkphinex2
james.manhealer Nov 17 @ 9:01pm 
I've tried reloading older save, uninstalling and reinstalling.. uninstalling and clearing the area (there were no bandits after uninstalling) and then reinstalling.. I've tried saving my character next to where mod would manifest then reinstalling to see if I could catch the bandits in the act and kill luck. The guards are all killed and bandits are running around.. even the chickens are killed and there is no one else to be seen.. Has this occured often? Would you know how to fix?
james.manhealer Nov 17 @ 8:43pm 
Every time I load it and travel to it, the NPC's have all been killed by bandits......
kennethblucher Nov 15 @ 12:19pm 
Great work very detailed and overall the best home I have seen!
darkphinex2 Nov 1 @ 12:20pm 
awesome mod 1 of the best player homes in my opinion although i would love to c a larger vault for all of my unique armor
Lt.Zog Oct 28 @ 4:25pm 
Very well done, but unfortunately not exactly whaat I'm looking for, but still a cool house though.
Marshall Oct 25 @ 5:41pm 
I found them... sorry they didnt appear for like 20 min. and was liek erm
Tom  [author] Oct 24 @ 6:28am 
@Yuh Hairy Grammy, have you actually bought it yet? The NPCs should show up then..

@Bigboi450. that depends. Descripe your crash some more, when does it happen?

@Pew_pew, there's no DLC required.

@K_0 do you still have that problem? It's most likely some kind of mod conflict.

@Ghost.exe, it's in the description.

To the others, thanks for the compliments!
Marshall Oct 23 @ 8:13pm 
Great house but i cannot find any of the ncps that come with it... pls help
360Penguin Oct 21 @ 4:40am 
Its a really cool house and I enjoy how you make us work for it. 5/5
bigboi450 Oct 16 @ 10:40am 
Pew_Pew Oct 13 @ 4:29am 
Do we need DLC?
[MIG] Wrongway Oct 8 @ 7:19pm 
I love this mod, hot tub is nice touch
talynamber Oct 6 @ 6:48pm 
Oh great hot tub. Splashing would be nice, as mentioned by someone, but it was great to sit and watch the sun set. My spouse/follower was rather cranky about having to sit around though. he gets sad.
ayyy_lexi Oct 5 @ 6:03pm 
One of them best mods in skyrim. The scenery is just upright bueatifyl, and so many places to go! Its like a never ending place to live. Its also like a mini town for just yourself. Rate 7438567340/10
talynamber Oct 5 @ 10:38am 
awesome property, beautiful, but I did not realize there was no bedroom for children, I did not pay attention. Lucky for me, I own Lakeview manor, so this will be a nice getaway place, and source of income ad farming. Great job, but that cellar was way too spooky for me. Not going down there again.
K_0 Oct 1 @ 11:31am 
Oh dear, I get a crash bug as soon as I buy the property - can't load any saves after purchase either :(
ghost.exe Oct 1 @ 9:55am 
how i can get the flying bushes out?
iBlaze1024 Sep 30 @ 5:59pm 
does it require any dlcs?
Araripe Sep 25 @ 9:49pm 
Nice mod, man! Seems very cool!
ApOc0774 Sep 14 @ 6:46pm 
Icant find the hint or the dealer imso confused
sebass2002 Sep 6 @ 10:18pm 
nvm i had a weird ass glitch is better now
sebass2002 Sep 6 @ 10:15pm 
why are half the grounds underwater
Nvm, found it after I'd checked everywhere but near the housexD
Tom  [author] Sep 3 @ 5:00am 
DOOMBUNNY, the entrance is behind the house, between the forge and the hot tub. The cave you are talking about is not part of this mod ;)
Sowwy if this has already been asked, but I've searched quite a bit and still can't find the vault( unless it's that stupid cave with 2 exits, which I'm quite sure it isn'txD). So, yeah, where's the vault please?

P.S. I gave it a thumb up
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR Sep 2 @ 11:41pm 
This is a cool mod! You should add it to the Skyrim Mod's Wiki.
Tom  [author] Sep 1 @ 3:18pm 
Nex time you´re in a bar in Amsterdam, PM me, I´ll be there. We can do shots in Chupito's haha.

But it's good to hear that you had a good time over here!

PS: the bike might have had a brake, you'd just have to push the pedal in reverse :p
athenap333 Aug 29 @ 11:31am 
Since you are in the Netherlands that is not an impossible action I already have one very dear friend from there who visits me often he live in Enschede in the Netherlands his idea is no where is to far to get to if you wish to go enough. In fact I stayed with him for several weeks had a great time except for riding the bikes over there no brakes on them lol. And I am only 5 foot 4 inches in height and everyone was so tall. We visited a lovely bar in Amsterdam and all his friends looked after me like I was likely to break I had a really lovely time there.
BOME BELL Aug 29 @ 9:47am 
No DLC ?
Tom  [author] Aug 29 @ 4:09am 
I know right, we should date some time :p
athenap333 Aug 28 @ 4:38am 
Thanks sweetie you are just fab x
Tom  [author] Aug 28 @ 4:15am 
haha athenap33, glad you like it. There´s a mod I believe is called ´Followers can relax´, I think it might be able to do the job.
athenap333 Aug 28 @ 3:41am 
Ok this is a little odd I took the mod from my list and thought I unsubscribed also when re-entering my game it was still there lacking the crashing to desktop every five mins so I got to look around. I would just like to say omg thankyou it is fantastic only one small flaw could you pretty please find a way to get those hunky male followers to join me in the hot tub ! they strip but won't sit lol. Hey a girl has needs to you know after slaying dragons and such. And I would also like to just thank you for all your work on this one I wish I knew how to create and get a mod to work like this.
athenap333 Aug 28 @ 2:16am 
I really wanted to use your mod not sure what causes it to crash but it does everytime : ( It is probably something I have already got on my lists of mods that is not compatable oh well great mod though just wish I could look round it now I bought it from the guy in the pub.
Gamer1980Man Aug 26 @ 4:56pm 
Ok this place alright not alot to it but love the view of the lake. Good work thow keep it up
Tom  [author] Aug 24 @ 7:13am 
@EATEROFALLWORLDS: check if you've got the bluecreek estate.bsa file in your Skyrim/data folder. Otherwise it's likely some kind of mod conflict.. did purchasing the house produce any problems or did that go smoothly?

@Look, I couldn't think of a name: Nice name! Thanks for the compliments man.

@LittleRage4u, does it show up in your Data menu when you launch the game?

@davidmeijs: thanks, I thought I fixed that long ago but apparently not. It's fixed now!

@mrsmonsterhigh: check if the mod shows up in the Data menu when you fire up the Skyrim launcher. If not, then you should likely give Steam some time to transfer the mod from the servers to your pc.

@SkinnySweatyMan: thank you sir!
EATEROFALLWORLDS Aug 11 @ 10:27am 
the miners aren't creatinf any ore. i went on a quest for one month and came back and it was still empty, please help.
fatspr1nkle Aug 5 @ 11:00am 
this mod looks great but sometimes it lags my game and even crashes it when i open the inventory of things outside on the property i recommend getting this house if u hav a good PC
Thankyou so much for this mod. It is unfaultable. PLus it is right next to the Asteria flying ship so two houses in one :) 10/10
LittleRage4u Aug 3 @ 4:31am 
For some reason the Estaste doest load for me, I had it before and it worked fine but now I added some simple graphic mods and all DLC. Somebody know a reason or solution? (sry for poor eng.)