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Critical Point : Incursion
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Smertn1K Dec 4 @ 10:10am 
∑b0La√ irus❤ Fa-lium Dec 4 @ 12:17am 
ich habe auch auf gehört daran zu glauben :(
+rep Nov 29 @ 1:06pm 
Nov 18 @ 11:12am 
Wall-E Nov 15 @ 8:45am 
Is there a releasedate yet?? Been following for a couple of years nog but seems like its never comming.. And I need a new TO like game ^^
Slash Nov 14 @ 1:21pm 
ich glaub nicht, dass es jemals fertig wird. Nov 10 @ 3:38am 
man kann ja mal gespannt sein
∑b0La√ irus❤ Fa-lium Nov 6 @ 4:09am 
wann endlich ?
@Zecon'D #NFNW Nov 3 @ 12:09pm 
bb Nov 2 @ 1:59am 
Chocolate Nov 2 @ 1:33am 
[ШляПа].:МаГ:. Oct 28 @ 9:50am 
:) Нормуль
[+] Oct 23 @ 11:10pm 
Wie ich mich auf dieses Spiel freue :D
BiermaN Oct 15 @ 12:28pm 
☠KnightDemon☠ Oct 14 @ 1:43pm 
Can't wait to remake some of my older maps in this :)
Moustache Polaire Oct 10 @ 2:42pm 
jerry Oct 8 @ 8:10am 
Stephen[Exams] Sep 28 @ 6:09am 
[FR]Self™|NicoZat Sep 26 @ 11:49am 
MaCky Sep 22 @ 11:43pm 
noisyboy1229 Sep 9 @ 3:07pm 
awesome lookin
[LIDL] Son Gohan Aug 31 @ 10:02am 
HEEELLLLOOOOO ? open the beta
The Crafting Gamer Guy 684 Aug 28 @ 2:54pm 
bu Aug 25 @ 10:48am 
yoshi Aug 16 @ 5:42pm 
Grimm Aug 10 @ 10:04pm 
good good
Grimm Aug 10 @ 10:04pm 
yes bobby
Ksenia Solo Aug 9 @ 1:05am 
Not bad
fury Aug 4 @ 11:43pm 
wooFeR /A/ Jul 20 @ 12:27am 
Just me ! Jul 14 @ 2:27pm 
-•ALERT•- Jul 14 @ 2:06am 
{ZimKy}NeverMore Jul 14 @ 1:57am 
The Godfather Jul 2 @ 11:14am 
Nice, nice
silentmofo Jun 27 @ 11:33pm 
To all the people who do not know of TO:AoT... You have no right to down vote. To the makers and community that are all in this... bravo! I remember as a young teen, playing Tactical Ops game as a mod (SWAT) for Unreal Tournament. I just recently started to play TO:AoT after seeing the update from Tactical Assault. I have to say.... I really stink it up in the servers since i have gotten a little older and Diablo 3 does not help my hand-eye co-ordination. Maybe by the time this game is released I will be a better aim. Question to the makers: Is the movement and jump style the same as TO:AoT? or maybe TO:AoT 2.2?
Moonlight Jun 27 @ 12:53pm 
km/H Jun 26 @ 8:12pm 
f1e✘ Jun 26 @ 6:06am 
sada waw
siNNdox Jun 22 @ 4:29am 
not bad
Medicated_Psycho Jun 15 @ 10:40pm 
I was suppoed to help these guys with 3D environments a long time ago, but I bairly had time to help out....Glad to see they're doing well and prgressing, they pulled though! Can't wait to try this out! Good job.
костя военком Jun 7 @ 2:02am 
Medic Jun 6 @ 5:39am 
It's closer to the CS style than to BF/COD style. I'm still hoping I will fall in love with this game as I did with Tac Ops.
JimmyTheSaint™ Jun 4 @ 9:43pm 
Looks just like it could be a counter strike mod.
neveu Jun 4 @ 12:42pm 
Very nice!
hnrk May 23 @ 12:06am 
Wulfmagmus May 22 @ 7:40pm 
looks like csgo textures LOVE it.
Crazy May 16 @ 8:30am 
En1GmaT1c May 10 @ 2:24pm 
SabaruSenpai May 5 @ 11:49am 
nearly means its beta or ?
if yes can we try it or something i pay you 1 cookie :p
TOP-Proto - Dominating Studios  [author] May 4 @ 12:37pm 
its nearly done :P.

Seriously it takes a long time to make a good game, but i think its going to be worth the wait. Remember we are a small team with limited funding, not a 200+ stong studio banging out games every year :) - its very hard work (but i love it)