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2,227 commentaires
jmail.hamza 18 nov 2016 à 5h44 
gravity animals

an easter egg
CzechDeath 8 nov 2016 à 8h12 
I am lucid dreamer... this trailer does look as if made by people who knows what's up =D
It's Lit Fam 4 jan 2016 à 0h12 
all balls no dick 15 oct 2015 à 10h00 
Pretty cool game
Sevych 13 juil 2015 à 9h28 
Pretty cool game, always makes me calm and relaxed ^_^
RKgame 3 juin 2015 à 14h24 
Kitaiseru 13 mai 2015 à 9h14 
Nice Idea with well graphic! I am not going to buy it but I wish you luck though
THE-LAST-SAINT 31 mar 2015 à 10h32 
i'm not going to buy this game but. i do like this game's concept! if only we could share our dream's in the real world...
peace4u 21 déc 2014 à 10h26 
i voted and bought it ...
devsKy. 22 juil 2014 à 21h01 
shouldnt categoried into indie games anymore lol
ZOMBIEBEAR 8 juil 2014 à 23h26 
i watche jacksepticeye and i really wanter it sooo rlllyyy cant wait to get it :D
not_my_name 22 juin 2014 à 7h44 
can't wait 4 it
[NLR]King Sombrero 9 mai 2014 à 2h17 
Cyan 9 mai 2014 à 0h48 
Oh, it's done?! Or is it just early-access?
ng85nate 23 mar 2014 à 9h29 
looks intertaining
STAR-LORD 12 mar 2014 à 16h08 
epic game!
Xan 15 fév 2014 à 17h50 
somebody buy me this game please
Tottalnat 21 jan 2014 à 17h54 
not out for mac yet?
SirVicTron 14 jan 2014 à 19h24 
Howard Phillips, eh? H.P.? Obsessed with his dreams? Is there a silver key involved in this game? :P
♥tarynasaur♥ 6 jan 2014 à 19h17 
Epic graphics!
Helaeon 21 nov 2013 à 17h22 
I like the concept!
hjs1639 26 oct 2013 à 4h05 
good!!! i want to play :P
ben_rich_92 18 oct 2013 à 17h01 
☼Danus☼ 25 sept 2013 à 7h26 
I agree wtih Raburn
Raburn 14 sept 2013 à 19h14 
seems like a new LSD Emulator
drunkcloud -m- 14 sept 2013 à 4h49 
nice dream
*****R***** 7 sept 2013 à 23h49 
Good concept but odd character design.
vorfy 🐉 7 sept 2013 à 23h27 
lol howerds been on dem doobies if hes haveing dreams like that.
Vibes 30 août 2013 à 15h12 
idk where to go after i get all the lights...shoudl I run something on Run?
Exzo Silva 23 août 2013 à 9h13 
que o jogo e bom very godd
salayka 13 août 2013 à 10h28 
Yeah! I was finaly able to buy it on steam for nearly 13€ ^^ What a nice day really!!
J. Mad 13 août 2013 à 10h13 
Got my key ! Thank you o//
MasterSword 9 août 2013 à 23h09 
Is This Like LSD?
Thatbrownmonster 9 août 2013 à 8h34 
how much will it be?
MeditationActII 6 août 2013 à 17h07 
Oculus rift!
lolsntrolls 3 août 2013 à 2h16 
wow, just wow if this game comes out on steam i will be so happy it looks like a awesome exploration game
NoMessWithTheFlyingChinese (^.^) 1 août 2013 à 6h28 
Looks a very good indie !!!
Shanewayne9™ 28 juil 2013 à 12h43 
looks great lets hope it on steam soon
Jaakuna Jakku 25 juil 2013 à 4h26 
looks so cool
RadKit 23 juil 2013 à 21h37 
Cannot wait for some of these awesome looking first person explore/adventure games!
예쁜 눈 22 juil 2013 à 18h30 
Looks great
Yuan 20 juil 2013 à 4h51 
Good game!
wiMp 15 juil 2013 à 12h22 
brilliant game, vote up !
Suicidal Orphan 12 juil 2013 à 6h36 
Very nice seems relaxing :D
i like the game looking looking!
varenthin 11 juil 2013 à 2h12 
Looking good
Buck2Buck 10 juil 2013 à 15h58 
I always liked puzzles, and drama. I was quite good at it.
samstorm 10 juil 2013 à 8h40 
Looks like you drew a lot of inspiration from dear esther :p
BLerghf 10 juil 2013 à 3h52 
this game looks great when it comes out ill buy it for sure