The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Nervecon Isles
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Грязный Луи 15. elo, 2014 21.52 
Knight 3. heinä, 2014 21.06 
Needs a lot of detail work
The Tickle Monster 2. loka, 2013 13.30 
I like ths mod alot, my only complaint is that the landscape is so simple
Furher Riechenenstad 10. syys, 2013 8.06 
subsribe now
Trigus [ALT] 18. kesä, 2013 8.10 
I like how bluntly simple the landscape is.
grandmasterkirk 9. kesä, 2013 2.14 
Okay, so this is going to sound daft...but do you think you could maybe...move the boat? The ship is right on top of the ship for The Sea of Ghosts, an incredibly popular mod, so no one would be able to run both, myself included. Do you think you could look into it?
Belial 24. touko, 2013 22.45 
i love it. jeb is a BEAST!! :) my fav follower. "pray to stendarr while you can" has saved my life many times over. Thanks man. Love Your Work!!! Peace!
Nobody 4. huhti, 2013 8.31 
wheres sok hallif???
Hirnchirurg 16. maalis, 2013 10.02 
why everybody skould subskribe to get this mod?
1x35 5. helmi, 2013 3.44 
when can the next update be expected?
Niska 26. tammi, 2013 7.44 
will be honest terrain doesnt look very natural in game
<Atomic Spy Crab> 20. joulu, 2012 13.24 
I love these spells
Llurendt 9. joulu, 2012 1.23 
Any updates? :)
*DD* Baron Chronus 10. marras, 2012 16.39 
ive favourited this until its finished then i can enjoy the full thing
Hermoine Ginger 8. loka, 2012 10.39 
is the mod done yet?
Vicciino  [tekijä] 1. syys, 2012 8.42 
On the creation kit there is a button next to the Havok effect button that looks like a picture drawn by a child. That lets you build terrain and such.
Weak1ings 1. syys, 2012 5.52 
From what I have seen, It looks great
Question- How do you make terrain like that?
jwaxman 21. elo, 2012 13.13 
I'll "favorite" it for now to look for updates because I agree with some of the others it needs more beautification, it is to sparse and un-realistic as far as landcaping and aethetics. That and some more polishing and fixing of some of the glitches/errors I've read and I would love to subscribe/support and push this mod!
Frozenfirebend 18. elo, 2012 13.20 
After I kill Rachel and get the journal, Bailee won't talk to me, why not?
remnanthelmet 4. elo, 2012 14.51 

Fast travel the the East Empire company warehouse near solitude, then look for a symbol on your compass that looks like a mountain, walk in that direction and you will discover the "Recolika" Get on the ship, and walk towards the door.
remnanthelmet 4. elo, 2012 13.48 
Looks like a nice mod, but how do you get there?
veaga2181 4. elo, 2012 12.26 
ok so i bought some of the scales to make the armor but they dont appear in my invatory ?
Benz 4. elo, 2012 6.46 
where is it?
Xenai 3. elo, 2012 15.19 
Looks quite bleak. You should try to place some grass, rocks and stuff and make the ground more uneven.
hasur789 3. elo, 2012 8.12 
where is it ???
[TCG]CrusaderDeleters 3. elo, 2012 0.23 
@Rip that is true, but I think he could prettify the landscape and actually call this mod released. From what it looks like, this mod could get a large sum of subscribers if continued. Keep up le good work, Vicciino!
dextonl 31. heinä, 2012 16.01 
Hey not fair putting down Rachel, Rebecca should have paid the price. Nice MOD, it add a little sorrow to it
Mister Wind 30. heinä, 2012 23.33 
Good fantesy
Arch's Mercenary 30. heinä, 2012 12.30 
how do i get there?
Rip Van Winkle X 30. heinä, 2012 8.50 
Guys, remember this is in Alpha stage. No need to make the areas pretty, just need them to work. After most of the work done in crating the quest and whatnot, then he can go back and make the areas pretty.
[TCG]CrusaderDeleters 27. heinä, 2012 13.49 
Could include some tallgrass and rocks to make the place a lot less... dull. It's just a quick fix though.
The Boss 26. heinä, 2012 12.38 
where is it found
Commander Crochet 20. heinä, 2012 21.50 
does it realy matter
anvil2011 20. heinä, 2012 19.15 
No clicks.