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The Moonstone Equation
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Ghreser Mar 3 @ 11:19am 
Hi, i think this game might be very great, but i have some question ... (I don't read the other commentary don't blame me please)

- It will be translated in other language ?
- It's an open world (kind of like Fez) or just some level where we need to solve something ?
- How much that will cost ?

I need this information because i want buy the game
Mielsen Gamer Feb 13 @ 1:30pm 
is one copy of FEZ?
T H I C C Jan 30 @ 12:32pm 
cool game
lordnigzor Jan 23 @ 7:00pm 
Will there be workshop lvl's for this game?
Rabbot32 Jan 21 @ 3:30pm 
Might want to add that to the description. I'm not a dev, I'm just a consumer with ideas.
Arbonox  [author] Jan 21 @ 3:13pm 
I can't thank you all enough for your votes and comments. Please tell your friends to vote too and with a little luck you'll be doing science and discovering things very soon.

@Rabbot32 It's a lot bigger than a SHORT flash game. Maybe 12+ hours if that helps.
Lzinn Jan 21 @ 1:56pm 
looks good
Rabbot32 Jan 21 @ 12:41am 
This brings back memories of playing high-quality pixelart flash games on Kongregate when I was young.
I would suggest adding a 'the game is expected to last x hours' to the description to prevent misinterpretation, as this is highly reminencent of the aformetioned SHORT flash games.
This is clearly a fine piece of work. Upvoted.
JDinoking360 Jan 20 @ 6:13pm 
This is realy cool looking. Would love for it to hit greenlight!!
BloksLox Jan 20 @ 10:42am 
Really love the music that's like 5 6ths of the reason I voted yes
Mereng Jan 20 @ 9:51am 
Awesome pixel art
Champinoy's Jan 20 @ 9:03am 
looks good :)
Mrbananies Jan 20 @ 6:20am 
Same art style as fez. I like
FreddyeSV Jan 20 @ 5:13am 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Steam Add This ░░░█
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Pölča Jan 20 @ 1:48am 
1_r3gr37_n0n Jan 19 @ 8:53pm 
This looks right up my alley, sign me up.
microhacker Jan 19 @ 7:11pm 
Sounds super cool and mysterious! And I just love pixel games!
JoshdelGroove Jan 19 @ 6:43pm 
I would love to see a lot of science curiositys apply on this game to make it special
Dank Jan 19 @ 2:06pm 
Nice pixel art and nice music! Definite yes for me.
xMatza Jan 19 @ 1:47pm 
Looks like a great puzzle-platformer. Can't wait!
R8 Jan 19 @ 10:42am 
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belbonassa Jan 19 @ 7:26am 
i like 2D platform games, and this game looks like its gonna be great!
LastDorkBender Jan 19 @ 4:46am 
I wanna see where this ends up going.
cjbookmiller Jan 18 @ 8:17pm 
Looks like Fez, Thumbs up!
Gunther Jan 18 @ 6:01pm 
looks simple but really nice
AeroGladia (Shenmami) Jan 18 @ 2:13pm 
It looks really nice! Can't wait to try it out.
PandaTV Streamer Jan 18 @ 1:57pm 
Nice game
♦✪EOQ✪♦ Jan 18 @ 12:12pm 
pixels <3
Koonmos8520 Jan 18 @ 11:53am 
Look Good ^_^
BloodFürster Jan 18 @ 10:07am 
I voted 4 it cuz It looked really calm and super interesting :)
The looks is similar in mandagon ,and i like it VOTE for it
FlashTracer Jan 18 @ 7:13am 
В Стиме платформеров, как говна, остановитесь
thesebavb Jan 18 @ 6:06am 
un juego de plataformas,pixel art, para pc, ademas de que parece el personaje de "larry and the gnomes"....lo comprare cuando sea lanzado
Monster Jan 18 @ 12:07am 
good O_o <3
echosun Jan 17 @ 9:18pm 
sounds good
elderscrolls35 Jan 17 @ 5:07pm 
Good, "Yes" without a questions ;) .
TurdSplat Jan 17 @ 4:49pm 
Looks good, I voted yes.
Bloodaxe Jan 17 @ 1:54pm 
any plans for linux-version after release?
mahimahi603 Jan 17 @ 7:48am 
It looks like Mario and Minecraft mixed up with puzzles. I'm excited to see it.
Acthxy_TC Jan 17 @ 3:14am 
It is good !
ѦՏҬГѦL Jan 16 @ 5:06pm 
Tewan Jan 16 @ 1:18pm 
Looks good!
Dr.Phill Jan 16 @ 11:43am 
if this is an terreria game. than perhaps you guys should add quest and more surviving. (best grammar ever)
[FC-ARC] Der Eli Jan 16 @ 11:07am 
looks interesting
Portponky Jan 16 @ 10:06am 
I would love a linux version!
Rapsol^ Jan 16 @ 5:49am 
Akone根誇遭 Jan 16 @ 4:55am 
When this comes out,i'll buy it!
FJaer Jan 16 @ 3:54am 
Хитрый лис Jan 16 @ 3:38am