MinerFriends - Minecraft
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Ichito9000 Sep 14 @ 5:52pm 
how do I get through the basement door?
Sw0rD Aug 29 @ 8:48am 
anyone here becuase of space hamster
Rejected Pandas Aug 24 @ 1:46pm 
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Chi Aug 23 @ 10:28am 
why not make minecraft armors?
k.krytin Aug 15 @ 12:15am 
ква ква ква
cg7454cg Aug 14 @ 4:02am 
im a minecraft fan and if i wunt stuff like this ill go play minecraft
black nigga Aug 13 @ 12:40am 
몰캉몰캉 Aug 11 @ 4:29pm 
Locust Killer3158 Aug 11 @ 2:29am 
i love the dog, but unless im gonna be picking a fight with steave because his dog got eaten by a dragon, i need to get him to stop following me. anyone know how?
lavaface Aug 8 @ 12:57pm 
does it need any dlcs?
Billy Mays Aug 6 @ 2:28pm 
PumpkinLord787 Aug 5 @ 11:02am 
How do i make my Wolf stop following me?
Gumball Waterson Aug 3 @ 7:08pm 
A Question Mark Jul 30 @ 10:13am 
@Dragonborn Did you try using the "unlock" command after clicking on it in the console menu.
tha bleekster Jul 26 @ 9:58am 
two thingies:
1 you should make a realm wich is minecraftified!
2 my wolf has died how can i get it back? i tried te resurrect command but it didnt do anyting :C
Gamerguypie Jul 20 @ 11:30am 
What are the spawning ids?
Dragonborn Jul 19 @ 5:33pm 
Please make Craft's Mine accessible later, as the door in Steve's basement requires a key.
The Sausage Wizard Jul 19 @ 12:39pm 
SpacemanStew be haten
CircularMetal74 Jul 16 @ 9:00pm 
i might of killed minedog with alien sword in one hit so is there any way to get another minedog
xrp1204 Jul 16 @ 6:54pm 
i acidently clicked We Need To Part Ways on steve and now i cant get him to help me anymore please help me
Nitro The Pyro Jul 15 @ 8:48pm 
why isnt the mine accessable?
Reigning Pain Jul 14 @ 11:57pm 
erh...mehr...GERD!!! This mod is great for a Minecraft lover like myself. If i'm not slaying the residents of Markarth, I'm burning down a random village on Minecraft. 10/10
Dr.Chimp Jul 10 @ 1:08pm 
spaceman stew you mean cause the skyrim community isnt full of 9 year olds..cause you are sure sounding like one
[SB]ShadowBlade Jul 10 @ 5:01am 
minecraft style :D
EpiCDeMic Jul 3 @ 8:03pm 
Very cool, my daughter will love this!
3/5 дом внутри обычный и мобов только рядом с домом видел
cyumo Jun 27 @ 4:18pm 
Gandon Jun 27 @ 9:05am 
ебаная хуйня для школьников
LegomanN64DD Jun 27 @ 5:11am 
you cuold just noclip "tcl" ito his mine, but parts of it are unfinishd and there are a cople mobs in there and a person with miners cloths with a steve box head.
Ender Gamer25 Jun 26 @ 8:12pm 
Um where's the key to steve's mine?
Old Gregg Jun 26 @ 5:47pm 
loved it
Mr. Derp Jun 25 @ 10:08am 
@Shodan you take your sword out, and hit him with the sword until he stops following you.
nicolea Jun 24 @ 4:04pm 
dude i freacking love you steve is marryable
hollynelson2004 Jun 23 @ 8:51pm 
check out venturiantales chanel he did this addon it was FUNNY!
Shodan Jun 22 @ 1:27am 
How to make minedog stop following you around ? I am very tired of his incessant yapping !
дно Jun 21 @ 7:12am 
класс я поставлю лайк!!!

Jetpackstealer Jun 18 @ 5:20pm 
bobisland44 Jun 17 @ 5:02pm 
The mod would have been amazing if the damage for the weapons were higher
Finn Jun 17 @ 4:30am 
How to have this mod on SKSE: Open Skyrim, let all your addons load and then let it install this one. Check if you have it in Data Folder (I believe), and if it is, boot it up via SKSE and it should also be there.
TobyMann142 Jun 15 @ 7:01pm 
It would be cool if i had this mod. But i do not own skyrim
gregghrach Jun 15 @ 4:34pm 
someone needs to make steve a follower
[AG]NINJATURTLE Jun 8 @ 1:41pm 
Dragonborn Jun 7 @ 2:49pm 
Honestly, someone should update this mod so that the door actually goes somewhere and Craft's mine is truly complete.
Mr. Derp Jun 7 @ 8:02am 
@Sgt.Slender man You can't. I tried console-commanding to unlock the door in steve's house. it goes nowhere.
Sgt.Slender man Jun 6 @ 2:00pm 
how do you get in the mine?
Cao_L@SMO Jun 6 @ 6:40am 
Oh,god.I don't know how to say......NICE~
Shackapoo Jun 4 @ 10:18pm 
Wouldnt that mean his full name is, Steve Minecraft
PRO! May 31 @ 7:02am 
Hotfly25436 May 25 @ 6:02pm 
dat voice do
lord ratboy May 23 @ 4:36pm 
can he die?