The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

conundrum sword
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XamaX 30. jun 2012 kl. 9:54pm 
I know the names make no sense, you would never make a weapon out of a liquid metal smart one. I think the names in game are just wrong. it lookes like copper and it would make sense if it were copper, so my assumption is it is copper.
captainlhurgoyf 7. jun 2012 kl. 12:19pm 
Corundum isn't copper, it is, to quote Wikipedia, "a crystalline form of aluminium oxide with traces of iron, titanium, and chromium". Also, quicksilver isn't tin, it's an old-fashioned name for mercury.
mrplatypus1  [ophavsmand] 4. jun 2012 kl. 11:27am 
XamaX good idea make like a whole new weapon type
nightmare-rank_ 3. jun 2012 kl. 7:36am 
i think you meen corundrum not condrum
XamaX 2. jun 2012 kl. 9:42pm 
I don't think you would make a sword out of corundrum, which I assume is copper in game. Maybe you could add a bronze sword that takes corrundrum and quicksilver (which I assume is tin)